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Singers and Social Media – Top Tips

Cliff Schwartz, President of NuMuBu.com, shares how vocalists get ahead online.

I’ve had a chance to watch singers – and musicians of all kinds – use social media to try to push their careers ahead.

What I most want to say to musicians is that in social media marketing, the concept of “what you give, you get back” really works beautifully.

One has to give in order to receive in society, and nowhere is this more true than with social media – you’ll see this value embedded in these Top Tips:

Make Your Interaction Personal. View each post and message as a chance to be interesting, positive and as personal as possible. In fact, 5 personal e-mail messages noticing something good about someone else and then inviting them to your next gig may be more effective at getting people to your gig than an impersonal status update that is viewed by 500 people. Don’t forget: those 5 people each have 500 friends…

Build Up Your Database – of email addresses, “friends” and “likes”. You need to make a concerted effort to gather this information at every gig – this can happen by literally standing at the door and asking people to share their address with you so that they can get some interesting news and updates on your performances. Or, you can pass around a pen and paper during the gig.

Announce a Contest during your gig in which people like your Facebook page in return for a great prize. The contest giveaway could be that you will bring your live musical performance to their house for a house concert. Contests are big motivators.

Respond to Each and Every Personal Message – with a personal message. I know one singer who has built up a huge following. It’s not because he’s signed to a big label and has a platinum album, but because he always takes the time to reach out and write. Of course he has talent but the reason for his success is that he is a super friendly guy with talent who gives a damn about reaching out to people in a positive and personal way.

Stay Positive in All of Your Interaction. It is never a good idea to trash anyone – even if it’s justified. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Even if you are a thrash metal punk band that makes a living by hating the world, keep that hate on stage and out of your social media. When you are both personal and positive, everyone wins.

Clifford Schwartz is a musician and entrepreneur. Having played for Cirque du Soleil for seven years, his neo-soul/R&B band has become one of the busiest bands in Montreal. Always fond of win-win situations, Clifford co-created NuMuBu to help his fellow artists and indie pros to prosper in the digital realm.

  • Sandee

    Cheers…. that quite some good advice!

  • Excellent tips Clifford, and thanks for keeping our minds on track.

    I guess anyone with a pedigree that includes Cirque Du Soleil would know all about the acrobatics of living a hectic life to the full !

    That’s all enough to make us lay guys and gals do a double flip-back somersault !

    …..Oh if only I could do that. I could then forget about having to try so hard to impress others!

    Funnily enough though, in my song ‘Bumpy Rocky Road” the hero of the song (not me incidentally) has in fact worked as a Roadie which is probably about as close to being in C-D-S most of us would ever likely be able to aspire to.

    Now THAT should whet all of your appetites to find out more from my site below:-

    Happy Cirque-u-lating ! I : > }

    (PS. the smiley is my “Ring-Master ” smile)

    and De Sololoing ! // : < {

    (and that's my Pre-Tightrope-walking Grimace!)


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