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Singers: Develop Rhythm Through Rap

Singers: Develop Rhythm Through Rap

Rapping is an effective tool to improve both annunciation and rhythm – at the same time.

Try out this simple exercise – just follow Jono with his rap lines and metronome and then give it a try yourself.

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Lance Boughner Lance Boughner - All Too Well (Cover)

Lance, you have a really lovely tone and some impressive range but it seems like the foundation of your lower registers is not completely robust. I would suggest you try to bring some weight in these lower notes with some heavier staccato “hums” on just 5 note scales. This will give you access to thicker vocal cords and hopefully stabilize your tone and intonation.

Why I chose Lance Boughner as a Finalist

Lance you clearly have some distinct musical intuition and your voice seems to be translating your ideas with ease. You have some really exciting potential as a singer, and as you are emerging into your career, I’d really encourage you to take your time engaging with your lower register. The low notes of your range need to be secure and well connected if they’re going to support your control and brilliance of tone in your upper range. Spend time adding thickness to your sound in those notes, adding weight with staccato hums on simple ascending and descending 5 note major scales. This is really a simple solution and if you apply it, I think you’ll gain even greater access to vocal precision, freedom and expression. All the best with your future prospects.

Jono McNeil

Jono McNeil has established an exciting position in the UK music scene as a contemporary/pop vocal coach, whilst also singing with an impressive array of artists such as Michael Buble, Nelly, Lemar, Josh Groban and Jocelyn Brown, to name a few. Heading up the vocal department at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), developing some of the country’s most exciting new talent, he has also worked, both coaching and scouting on two seasons of BBC’s hit programme, The Voice.