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The Singer’s Perfect Sound Engineer?

This week we’re exploring the relationship between you & your sound engineer.

As artists we are often at the mercy of our sound engineer. Like it or not, they are ultimately responsible for how we hear ourselves on stage and how we are perceived by our audience. So, establishing a clear dialogue with the engineer (specific requirements, EQ’s etc), is crucial to the success of our performance. In last week’s Q & A many of you pointed out that a good sound-person is your top priority in choosing a live venue. This week we’d like to hear what you think makes a great sound engineer.

So the question is: What attributes do you look for in a great sound engineer?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: What three things does the venue of your dreams have?

Boulent Mustafa wrote…

“Air conditioning, a great band and an appreciative crowd”.

Ben E. Brady commented…

A great audience, no smoking and a sound man that knows what he’s doing.

Andrew Ferris posted…

Dirty carpets, dark corners and sweaty people”.

Josh W Drane posted…

History, sound system, people”.

Fantastic comments this week guys, don’t forget to tune in for next weeks discussion.

All the best, C x