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Singing at 1,600 Feet: Emma Stevens

Singing at 1,600 Feet: Emma Stevens
Her latest singing feat has caught attention; Emma Stevens shares how she makes and spreads her music on the move.

Professional songwriter Emma Stephens is breaking out with her own performances at huge festivals and receiving major radio play.

Part of her success is the ability to create and share music on the move – we’ve asked her to speak about her latest airplane performance, favourite apps and social media experience

What have you done with music on the move that you never thought you would do when you were sitting in classes studying music ?
I always had super strong aspirations whilst I was at college. For me, it was always about developing tools to help me be a better writer and performer. .. I didn’t expect to find myself playing guitar 1600 ft in the air serenading my hometown!

What is something you have done on social media that surprised you with how well it worked?
I organized 70 fans to lie in a field in Guildford spelling out the name of my new single “make my day” whilst I flew over them in a plane and videoed them!

What advice would you have for other musicians who might sing play and video themselves in a small aircraft?!
Make sure you decide to go up on a day which isn’t too windy, singing in a small aircraft whilst being blown about 1600ft in the air is a little bit of a challenge!

QUOTES-ESWhat would you say are one or two things you have had to learn about using social media better?
I have learnt that if you post videos direct to Facebook rather than link from You Tube that it reaches SO many more people!

What music-related Apps do you use?
Guitar Toolkit is one I use a lot. It’s great because it has every chord under the sun for mandolin, banjo, ukulele, acoustic… Etc. So if I’m struggling to find a chord voicing in the studio when I’m writing, I use this app. Other than that I use Shazam, SoundCloud, Voices (because it’s funny) bebot (funnier), iTunes, VOICE MEMOS (big time user of than, ideas etc) and I also sometimes use radio player.

How often do you practice singing or guitar on the road?
I often jam with others in dressing room though and feel I’m always learning something, especially when I hang out with such a talented bunch. I try to make sure I practice before I hit the road, and then save my voice for the performances on tour.

Do you compose music only in your home studio?
I usually spend most of my time writing in Pete Woodroffe’s (of Def Leppard) attic! But I’m constantly coming up with new ideas everywhere I go, hence why I love the voice memo app.

What are the most important tech tools for you to share your music?
Social media all the way!

Emma StevensWith a passion for performing, and longing to release her own music, Emma Stevens decided to concentrate on her career as a singer-songwriter. Her music is catchy and filmic, and has been used on TV, clients including BBC and ITV. She has also worked with artists such as Kate Nash, Passenger and Jenn Bostic, who she supported on her recent UK tour.


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