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Build Your Brand: Advice from a Newly Signed Artist

Ginette in the studio

Ginette Claudette’s debut independent album charted on the iTunes R&B chart, and recently she has signed with Sony as a songwriter and recording artist.

We ask her how she manages her growing online following and what lessons she has learned from her time so far in showbiz.

What drew you into the world of YouTube?
YouTube drew me in right away because it was a way for me to connect with people from the comfort of my bedroom. I could sing to myself and have the world listen at the press of a button.

How can singers learn to perform in front of a camera?
Try to forget it is even there. Let go and allow yourself to be in the moment.

What equipment do you use to make your videos?
I honestly use my iPhone camera or even my laptop camera – simple and easy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have professional equipment. What’s important is how you connect with people through your videos, not necessarily the quality.

What have you learned from collaborating with other performers?
I love watching other performers and I get into what THEY do. Everyone has their own thing. I like seeing people in their element which has taught me to live in mine.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media
Social media in general has been a great outlet for me to reach a larger audience. I do simple, guitar covers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube all the time which keep people engaged.

How important do you think branding is for a vocal artist?
Your brand is everything. It’s the bridge that connect the people to you. You gotta build it so they come.

How did you learn to sing?
My mother sings so I always watched her. I also always observed the greats and allowed myself to be influenced by the amazing artist I grew up listening to.

How do you look after your voice?
I’m the worst when it comes to vocal care, I drink a lot of coffee and I don’t follow the rules but I do warm up before gigs!

A few ingredients of a memorable vocal performance:
Lots of practice, a prayer and a great crowd!

Favourite vocal gear:
My favorite vocal gear is a tiny Apogee mic I carry around to record song ideas with, but I gotta stay the TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play acoustic has taken first place now! It’s so fun and has so many features.

Worse advice you’ve ever heard:
Follow the trend.

Best advice you’ve ever heard:
Be yourself.

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way:
Trust your gut.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?
Keep the faith and believe in yourself at all costs.

Strangest gig you’ve ever done?
The strangest gig I’ve ever done was probably a gig at the local fair. Any stage is an opportunity to get better but maybe not next to a funhouse!

A performance FAIL
My DJ’s laptop crashed in the middle of our set once, it was such a fail! I just sat on stage and kicked it with the people until everything got fixed. It was pretty funny and I got props for sticking it out.

A performance SUCCESS
I had an insane show in Syracuse, NY once! It was sold out and the fans knew every word to my indie songs. I felt so blessed.

Ginette ClaudetteHailing from Uptown New York City, Ginette was given the same name as her mother, a Latin pop star in the Dominican Republic. In 2012 Ginette released her first EP ‘Everything’s coming up Roses’ and toured the world with Far East Movement. She followed this with her 2014 album ‘Tainted Emotions’ which charted on the iTunes R&B chart, trended on Twitter and received rave reviews. Her next EP ‘All the Way Back’ was streamed on Soundcloud and reflected her love affair with music. In 2016, she inked a publishing and recording deal with Sony/ATV and is currently writing and recording a major project. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter