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Meet the Finalists!

A selection of some of our finalists

Last week we announced the Semi-Finalists of the VoiceCouncil Singing Competition Winter 2016.

10 of them have made it through to the final round, where there’s a big prize at stake; the winner will receive up to $1000USD worth of music gear!

Meet Last Year’s Winner

Noah Derksen on his guitar

Noah Derksen won our competition one year ago. His career has since gone from strength to strength, with the release of his second album. Read our catch-up with Noah last week.

Our finalists have had to submit a brand new video for us, which we will be using to make our choice for an overall winner. We asked them to record a song for us – the catch being we wanted it to be a unique interpretation; for example:

  • Sing it in minor if it’s usually in major
  • Sing it slower or faster than the original
  • Sing it in a different genre/style to the original

Here are the finalists who were brave enough to take on the challenge.

Meet the Finalists

Saša Jakelić

Final round entry
Be my love | Mario Lanza
This is a great old sincere love song that I always liked and wanted to sing. Here it is done with acoustic guitar trio. Also I wanted to do it in ‘not so classical’ way balancing on pop, musical and crooner vocal style.
Original entry

Julie Curly

Final round entry
Let It Be | The Beatles
We wanted to underline the gospel vibe with the arrangements (keys, organ), the folk/country (with the added harmonica) and a twist (with the electric guitar). I’ve changed some of the phrasing in my singing to express a more gospel attitude.
Original entry
La belle époque

Emily Erhardt

Final round entry
Helpless | Hamilton (the Musical)
This song is actually a duet so I changed a few parts so it makes sense as a solo. I also slowed down the rap part of the piece. There are a lot of words in this song so singing through the whole piece without making a mistake with the words was a huge challenge.
Original entry

Ale Acusticamente

Final round entry
Anna (Go To Him) | The Beatles
I’m a Beatles fan and this is a song that I love and created a new acoustic version. The rhythm, the tonality, the time and the way of singing and imposing the voice have all been done differently to the original, because I sang like a pop tenor. I did it in my favorite style of playing and singing.
Original entry
Musica Somente Nela Paulinho Moska

Gail Attard

Final round entry
House of the Rising Sun | The Animals
I heard it on the radio and I loved it and I think it suits me. I changed the key because it was too low and I added more dynamics that suited me.
Original entry
If I Ain’t Got You

Matilde Paul

Final round entry
El mareo | Bajofondo y Gustavo Cerati
Gustavo Cerati was a very important musician from Argentina and it’s a really beautiful combination of electrotango. I am singing as well as playing the bass and the harmony, giving the song an electronic sound.
Original entry

Andrea Nies

Final round entry
I’m The Only One | Melissa Etheridge
I didn’t change much, but I think I made it a little more intense and country-fied by speeding up the tempo and adding a steel petal guitar.
Original entry

Chloe Pandora

Final round entry
Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love | Mingus
The original was an instrumental with a bass, sax and piano playing the melody. My version is different to the original in that takes on a more didactic, musical-theatre/classical hybrid approach by making the vocal the main feature. It’s shorter and there is less focus on instrumental improv throughout.
Original entry
Sweet Revenge

Ingrid Beaujean

Final round entry
Echo | Incubus
I chose this song as it is one of my husband’s favorites. First I changed the key, (it was in Em and I put it in Am), then I improvised a little in the guitar solo and at the end of the song.
Original entry
Lullaby of birdland

Jayna Brown

Final round entry
What Is Love | Haddaway
I feel like this piece showcases a different side of me than my last video. I slowed it down and added some ad-libs to the usual dance music that would be there.
Original entry

Choosing a winner

Question marks

Who will we crown as the winner?

The VoiceCouncil team will be choosing and announcing a winner in a special article next week, according to the competition rules.

We will be basing our decision on the final round of video submissions – but we will also be taking your comments into account.

Who do you think is the worthiest winner of our grand music gear prize?

Comment below!

  • Sofija Basic

    Saša Jakelic, the best!

  • Evelyn Attard

    wooow Gail you are amazing one of the greatest interpretations of house of the rising sun house :) :) xxx

  • braccu

    well done gail loved the way you sang house of the rising sun xxxx

  • Fernando Hernandez

    My vote is for Ingrid Beaujean!! Wooooow!!!

  • Bradley DeBono

    Wowww Gail you are such an amazing singer with an amazing voice and interpretation….Proud of you sis xxxxx

  • Diandra Mifsud

    Gail has grown into an extremely talented young lady! She amazes me every time, her technique is spectacular, her range is flawless and her tone is very unique. I love listening to her :) goodluck Gail!

  • Le Diegue Bourcart

    Yes, my vote is for Ingrid Beaujean!!! great voice!

  • Mario Navarrete

    Awesome and beautiful voice, my vote for Ingrid Beaujean!

  • Jesús

    Voto por Ingrid Beaujean, por su precisión en el manejo de su voz!

  • Naomi Grech

    Gail <3 Amazing <3
    Your choice of song,house of the rising sun was truly amazing and with your voice it became more amazing <3 Great performance as always xxxxx

  • Ben

    Emily has my vote with her unique and fantastic voice

  • Sara Lilia

    My vote for Ingrid Beaujean amazing voice! Love the cover 😍

  • Manuel Borg

    Gail has an amazing voice and she deserves to win 💝 xxx

  • Samanta Figueroa

    Wow! Ingrid Beaujean ❤

  • Chantelle Agius

    Gail 💓
    That was a beautiful performance from you like always 💕 You never disappoint, and especially with the House of the rising sun , the song seemed to be made for you ❤ Keep up the great work!

  • Roxanne Erhardt

    Emily Erhardt!! She really changed up the song and her tone is beautiful-she deserves to win!

  • Daniel Corona Trenado

    Ingrid Beaujean
    She has a wonderful voice!!!!

  • La NenaPalacio

    Voto por Ingrid Beaujean! hermosa voz

  • Carmen Wood

    Gail Attard.. She is my favourite.. A truly wonderful voice. Great performance as always Gail.. You deserve to win. <3 xxx

  • Unknown

    GO GO GO Gail Attard Go Get them! :) proset hi keep it up :)

  • Roberto Plascencia

    Ingrid Beaujean. The transcendence of the echo of his voice, a voice that you never want to stop listening to.

  • Edwin Rowin

    Wow Gail you are such an amazing singer with powerful voice. Malta is proud of You. You go girl. You’re the best.

  • Kelsey Murray

    Everyone’s pieces were wonderful. You are all so talented! My vote would be for Emily! Her rendition of the song was beautiful, and I love the tone of her voice!!! ❤️

  • Natalie Mujica

    Emily Erhardt! Emily’s voice is truly unique and one of a kind. Her passion and drive to share music with the world is what deserves this win.

  • Mary Claire Wunderlich


  • Courtney Kimball

    I vote for Andrea Nies!

  • Federico HS

    Ingrid Beaujean knows the music and how to move there. Her voice is beautiful

  • Nicole

    I vote Andrea Nies!!

  • Joakinky Poemas Pornpops

    Ingrid Beaujean is splendid woderful voice and very warm

  • Fred Fernandes

    Andrea Nies!

  • Angel Mier Beaujean

    Ingrid Beaujean has the perfect tone for anything she wants to express; the version of this Incubus song is proof not only of her voice capabilities but also her musician skills applied

  • Nancy Erhardt

    Emily puts such passion into her singing you can fell the love she has for music. Her voice is so beautiful and I think she deserves to win.

  • Shannon

    I love Andrea Nies! You go girl, you are so great and talented!

  • Noel

    Definitely Gail Attard with her amazing interpretation of the song House of the rising Sun, excellent, well done Ms Attard !!

  • Bob

    I vote Andrea Nies!

  • Aidan Jay Drakard AJ

    Gail ❤Wow Nothing To say to explain her talent ❤ My vote goes to Gail ❤

  • Mireille Borg

    Gail Attard is an amazing singer. Her voice struck me from the very first time I heard her. She has the ability to interpret each song and style so amazingly. What stunns me most is how each emotion is transmitted through with her voice whether she’s singing blues, ballads, pop songs as well as soft rock. I think Gail Attard truely deserves to be known and discovered as she has a lot to give in the musical infustry for sure!

  • Serena Unsegno

    My vote goes to Saša Jakelić’s divine voice. His ability to control and express his feelings is outstanding. I wish him luck!!

  • Jackie

    Gail Attard has my vote, such an amazing voice , my favourite version of the house of the rising Sun, well done Gail.

  • Tom Kohr

    Andrea Nies- no contest! 😁

  • Brigitte Guapojuan

    My vote is for Ingrid Beaujean, Great voice!

  • Nicole Goritski

    I vote Andrea Nies!!! Stunning voice!!

  • María del Refugio Garcia

    Ingrid Beaujean, she has a powerful voice and conversa a special feeling

  • Nick Sanchez

    My vote goes to Andrea Nies.

  • Iwona Sulkowska

    GAIL❤ Awesome !!!

  • Jill

    Emily’s interpretation gives me chills. Imho she had more of a creative spin on hers than just changing the key. Adapting the lyrics to fit as a solo and performing each and very word flawlessly! She is deserving because she is a true original and has a voice/message in a generation of sound-a-likes. You can’t teach that- you are simply born with it! Go, Emily!!!

  • Chris

    Andrea Nies has my vote. Her voice is powerful and her intense energy wins over the crowd

  • Stacey Antal Kerstner

    My vote goes to Andrea Nies!

  • David Micallef

    Definitely GAIL – Unique Voice and excellent interpretation.
    Well Done Gail – keep it up.

  • Marco Lia

    I vote for gail she is amazing

  • Justin Evers

    I vote Andrea Nies!!!!

  • John Kreil

    I vote Andrea Nies

  • John McDonough

    Andea Nies for sure!

  • Elizabeth Téllez


    Una voz increíble que transmite una sensación padrísima y con un estiló único que sin duda hace que amemos la música..

    Súper talentosa, joven pero con toques de elegancia y tradición que hacer que amemos nuestras raíces…

  • Alli Franco

    i vote andrea nies!

  • Sandro Lia

    Gail for sure !!!

  • Keith Attard

    i vote for gail. she’s amazing

  • Alexa

    I vote for Emily Erhardt! She has such an incredible voice!

  • Julia

    GAIL ATTARD is an amazing singer! And her song House of the Rising Sun suits her voice so well💖 Loved her voice from the very beginning!

  • Jessica Marie Bugeja

    i vote for gail attard. she is amazing and a unique voice <3

  • Alexander Laferla

    Gail Atyard have a superb voice and she deserves to win

  • Heather

    Emily has my vote 100%!! Beautiful voice and such a difficult song with so many words. You don’t find many with such talent.

  • Danny

    Andrea Nies!

  • Tim Pollock

    Andrea Niles

  • Josef

    100% gail attard…she has a lot of contol in her voice and she deserves this…she has been work hard to challenge her self and improve her voice…she uses proper dynamics and good breathing control…a winner for sure…and with that prizw she we show you even more…as she has a lot more to offer…Go Gail.

  • Robert John Byersdorfer

    Show them how it’s done Emily!!!! You’re the BEST!!!!!

  • Marlene bianco

    My vote goes for Gail! Indeed a lovely voice!

  • Mary Cash

    I vote for Andrea Nies. Her voice is very powerful and interesting to listen to. She has a great tone and puts her passion into her vocals.

  • Karen

    Emily, she ‘s amazing!!!

  • Jessie

    I vote for Emily

  • Amy

    Emily Erhardt gets my vote! Beautiful job!

  • Joel peralta


  • Brandon Barnet

    My vote goes for Andrea Nies easily she sings with such raw power and emotion!

  • Joel peralta


  • Crystal

    Emily! Her voice is beautiful:)

  • Paulina Alcazar Tejeda

    Ingrid Beaujean

  • Heather Kohr

    Andrea Nies! Love this girl and her voice

  • Sandy McCurry

    I vote for Andrea Nies!

  • zorlak

    Ingrid Beaujean!!! Such a voice, such a control and warmth of tone.

  • Judy

    I vote for Andrea Nies!!! I love her voice!

  • Joanne Busuttil

    I vote for Gail, House of the rising sun. Amazing voice!

  • Debbie Denecour Dubord

    I vote for Andrea Nies! She is amazing!

  • Paloma

    Ingrid Beaujean 🎶

  • Can Gill

    i vote for julie curly

  • Sergio Peralta

    Íngrid Beaujean, very nice voice

  • Daniel Cordero

    ingrid beaujean

  • Beth

    I vote for Andrea Nies

  • Jay Blanchard

    I vote for Julie Curly! The quality of her voice makes this Beatles classic sounds gospel as well as the stunning arrangements, makes this cover original. I was touched by this interpretation!

  • Luis

    Emily Erhardt has my vote! The unique beauty in her voice!😍 The interpretation was fenominal! I trully am helpless over her! :)

  • Mildred Attard

    I vote for Gail Attard with the song House of the Rising Sun | The Animals. I simply love her voice and the way expresses her emotions while singing.

  • Maurice Beaujean Carrizosa

    My vote is for Ingrid Beaujean

  • María Maldonado

    Ingrid Beaujean hermosa persona, una tesonera en sus proyectos

  • Maureen Hanna

    I vote for Andrea Nies!

  • Yisus

    Íngrid Beaujean is my favorite, the colour of her voice I like a lot…

  • Kari Dotterer

    Andrea Nies!!

  • Robert Laurice

    I vote for Andrea Nies

  • Christine Nies

    I vote Andrea nies

  • Amelia Ouverson

    Emily has my vote!!!

  • Jennifer Nies

    I vote for Andrea Nies!!

  • Katelyn Ouverson

    Emily Erhardt is a goddess who I would adore to be the ruler of my life!! All votes for her!

  • Lydia Ouverson

    Emily is my absolute favorite, hands down! Her sincere emotion and wonderful interpretation makes her performance incredible entertaining and enjoyable!

  • Vincent Simpson

    Of course Andrea Nies. What a voice!

  • Isaac

    Emily Erhardt hands down. She’s so passionate about what she does! Absolutely stunning!

  • Dianne Goritski Fischer

    Without a doubt Andrea Nies. Amazing voice, I think even Melissa Etheridge would approve!

  • Mayra Gracida

    Mi voto es para Ingrid Beaujean. Me encanta su voz!!! Para mí es la mejor! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Raio Olivera

    Ingrid Beaujean

  • Laurie Puzio Lally

    I vote Andrea Nies!!!!

  • Jessica Graves

    Andrea Nies!!!!! Amazing Amazing Amazing!!!

  • Andrea Nies!

  • Lynn Lame

    I vote for Andrea Nies!!!

  • Laurie Jacober

    I vote Andrea Nies……She’s the only one!!!

  • Alicia

    Wow! I would pick Julie Curly!! <3

  • Roy Mndz

    I vote for Ingrid Beaujean, her voice is so sincerely and deeply, by the way, she’s a great teacher!

  • Noelle Hulshizer

    Emily Erhardt for sure!! Just listen to her unique sound and the creativity she puts into her songs. B-e-a-utiful <3

  • Laura Lozano

    Ingrid Beaugean the best voice of all my vote is for her.

  • Gunnar Marino

    Emily Erhardt has my vote. She has such a pleasant and unique melody you don’t see very often

  • Dan Simms

    I vote Andrea Nies

  • Mau Barajas

    Ingrid Beaujean !!

  • Genaro Tarín

    Ingrid Beaujean is the warmest and most passionate voice. Simply unique!

  • Pamela Loaiza

    My vote is for Ingrid Beaujean.
    His voice is sweet and powerful at the same time. With technique, air control, musicality and projection, but above all a lot of freedom! I just enjoy it!

  • maronia laferla


  • Judy Lodema

    I vote Andrea Nies❤️❤️❤️

  • Helena

    Saša Jakelić, such a great and powerfull voice! My vote goes to him! ❤

  • Mario

    Ingrid Beaujean its the best

  • Mandy

    Definitely Gail Attard

  • Kim Attard

    I vote for Gail Attard, amazing voice and talent and she is a fantastic singer no doubt about that!

  • Dan Allen Jr.

    I vote Andrea Nies

  • Pamela Toriello

    I vote Andrea Nies, when she sings give me chills!!!

  • Brenda

    i vote for gail she is super talented

  • Anna

    I vote for Andrea Nies

  • Dorothie Predmore-Colosimo

    My vote goes to Andrea Nies. Her voice is amazing. She can make it do anything. Love listening to her sing and watch her perform!

  • Gift Venezio

    I vote for Andrea Nies!!

  • Savanna Helmick

    I vote for Andrea Nies!

  • Alameda Sliker

    Definitely Andrea Nies, hands down.

  • Paige Alexis

    Andrea Nies!🙌🏻

  • Adriana Prieto

    My vote is for Ingrid Beaujean, who has a beautiful jazzy voice!

  • Sylvain Beaudoin

    Julie Curly! Lot of emotion and sound so well.

  • Jessica Bonavia

    Gail Attard is an amazing singer and she has such a unique and beautiful voice! I loved her interpretation of the song House of the Rising Sun! <3 I vote for her <3

  • Justin Evers

    Andrea Nies!!!!

  • Bill Albrecht

    Andrea Nies easliy.

  • Terrie

    I vote for Andrea Nies!

  • CoriAnne Kinney

    Andrea Nies

  • CoriAnne Kinney

    Absolutely Andrea Nies!!!!!!! She’s amazing!

  • Miguel Angel Calvillo Orueta

    Vote ingrid beaujan

  • Carlos Martínez

    Ingrid Beaujean, one of the most educated voice un Mexican Jazz.

  • Ron Ackerman

    Andrea Nies…..without a doubt :)

  • Jose

    Ingrid Beaujean is the best

  • Lenore

    Andrea nies

  • Kim Brandt

    Emily Erhardt has a beautiful, amazing voice!

  • Sharon Russell

    I vote Andrea Nies hands down she has amazing talent 🎤

  • Lalouve Desneiges

    Julie Curly, amazing voice! Great cover! Wonderful artist! She deserves to win!

  • Charlie Cruz

    Ingrid Boujean beautiful voice, amazing song. Its just a miracle

  • Amanda Attard

    Amazed by Gail Attard’s voice!! Her voice is so powerful and singing comes so natural to her. She’s such a good singer and i think she deserves the crown!!

  • Freya Astrella

    Jayna is only 15 isn’t she? She can sing the house down! She has an amazing career ahead of her – although she is already VERY accomplished!

  • Kristi Trotter

    Emily puts so much passion in her music! She is amazing – she sings w her whole soul every time! Go Emily!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Tammi Thurm

    Emily is a beautiful and an amazing singer. She has so much passion and joy in her voice when she sings you Believe every word she is singing. 👏🏻🎤🎼🎹

  • Erika Laferla

    I vote for Gail Attard, she has an amazing strong powerful voice for such a young age and i think she deserve to win.

  • Stephanie

    Gail Attard, beautiful voice at such a young age!

  • Brandy Rae Rossmiller

    Emily Endhart! She lights up the room with her voice, putting so much passion in every song. When she changes songs to fit her voice you don’t even even notice it’s as if they were written that way. Wonderful! Good job Emily!

  • Karen Gafa

    Wow Gail! You amaze us every single time!! Keep it up, you have a bright future ahead of you :).

  • Carl Lautier

    So much energy in Gail Attard’s voice especially choosing a low pitched vocals kind of track. Really felt this one!

  • Ian Vella

    I vote for Gail Attard, I’m impressed!

  • George

    Good luck everyone. My favorite by a mile is Gail Attard. Such a great voice for a 15 year old. Beautiful rendition of such an epic song. Awesome personality. Clear winner.

  • Charlene Caruana

    Brava Gail – such a beautiful and strong voice!

  • Tano

    I like Gail Attard with the song House of the Rising Sun | The Animals. Great voice! She surely is a promising singer. Well done!

  • Dawn

    I vote Andrea Nies

  • Suemi Havel

    I vote Ingrid Beaujean. Though she has a flawless technique, she does not have the need to be over the top. What makes her performance so special is the way she pours all her heart and emotions ,using her voice in the most beautiful and honest way .

  • Sarah Cassar

    Well done Gail Attard ! amazing voice

  • Danica Muscat

    ❤️ Love Gail Attard’s vocals and interpretation !! My vote goes for her, hands down ❤️ You go girl , her rendition of House of the rising sun is SUPERB !!

  • Beatrice Harrington Field

    I vote for Andrea Nies!! lovely voice and great stage presence! She is the winner!

  • juls

    My vote goes to Ingrid Beaujean

  • josefa

    Ingrid is the Best

  • Robert Bergeron

    Julie Curly really added a twist to the song without loosing it’s original version,,, good vibes and feelings during interpretation… my vote goes to July…..

  • Vrod

    My vote is for Andrea! She sounds so good! Promising young talent!!!

  • Huitzil Azul

    Ingrid Beaujean the best in this world amazing voice!

  • Luis

    Jayna Brown <3

  • Evelin

    Ingrid Beaujean is a very talented songwriter and singer. I’ve seen her live many times, se deserves to win!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    I wish all of us good luck and thank you for the opportunity to share this with all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Evelyn Attard

    well done to all :) wish you all good luck you are all very talented xxx

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Thank you Very Much!!!

  • Reinaldo Junior

    Go @alacusticamenteacousticabil:disqus o/

  • Fabíola

    Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil estamos torcendo por você, você é showwww

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Fabiola!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Junior!!!

  • Lau Campos

    My preference is for the Ale Acoustically, sings and plays a lot !!


    Alê acusticamente,todos são bons cantores ,mas você supera,acredito no seu potencial,será vencedor de Deus quiser,parabéns !!

  • Terezinha J.F. Oliveira (Terê)

    I prefer Ale Acusticamente!!! Yes yes yes

  • Chris Campos

    Ale Acusticamente is perfect

  • Vanderlei Corniani

    Meu voto é para Alê Acusticamente!!

  • Renan Oliveira

    My vote is for Ale Acusticamente.

  • Iza Oliveira Bolognese

    Meu voto vai para Alê Acusticamente, merece ganhar..Deus abençoe…

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Iza!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Renan!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Dr Vanderlei!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Primão!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Terehilber!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Lara!!! Muito Grato!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Lau!!!

  • Felipe Rodrigues

    I prefer Ale Acusticamente

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Felipe!!!

  • Roberto Nogueira

    My favourire song is Ale Acusticamente.

  • Cesar Garcia Blasciks

    I decide for Ale Acusticamente..so cool…

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Bob!!! Tamo junto!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Cesinha!!! Tamo junto!!! Grande abraço!!!

  • Julio Cesar Rodrigues

    Alê Acusticamente com certeza !!!

  • Franciele Scalia

    Eu voto em Alê Acusticamente

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Julio!!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Franciele!!!

  • Mario

    Ale acusticamente top demais……

  • Luan Mafra

    Ale Acusticamente for sure.

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Mario!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Luan!!!

  • Evelyn Attard

    welcome :)

  • Giovani Domingues

    Ale acusticamente sensasional

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Thank you!!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Giovani!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Thank you for your participation in this selection process !!!
    Know a little of my work, you can subscribe to my channel, I’ll be very happy!

  • Marcelo Mafra

    Alê Acusticamente is amazing by video and much better live!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Valeu Marcelinho!!!

  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Amigos!!! Sou muito grato pela participação de vocês!!! Obrigado pela força!!! Não é fácil representar o

    Brasil fora do Brasil, mas vocês perceberam como a união faz a força!!! Sou grato pela força recebida por vocês que ma acompanham!!! Grande abraço a todos os que me apoiaram e a todos os participantes!!! Obrigado!!!

    Friends!!! I am very grateful for your participation !!! Thank you for the support!!! It is not easy to represent Brazil outside Brazil, but you have realized how unity is strength! I am grateful for the strength received by you who accompany me !!! A big hug to all those who supported me and to all participants !!! Thank you!!!