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Singing in the News – 07 September

This Week: from a 96-year-old lyricist to Miley’s Moment

96-year old Lyricist. Widower’s song for wife goes to top position on iTunes. Just goes to show that we relate to love, passion and caring whatever era it’s from.
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Singing Mice. We’re narrowing down the genetics behind voice disorders
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100th Album. Congrats to Cliff Richard who releases his 100th album – hope I look that good at 72… Read More



X Factor as a Musical? Yes. It’s true. But be sure to read the comments at the foot of this post… Read More



Miley’s Moment. Art and/or opportunism? What was your reaction to her performance?

Take a look at some of the visual reactions:
Visual Rxns to Miley


Toddler Debut. Not a breaking news story – just part of the joy happening across the globe today. Just try and repress your smile. Watch This



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