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Only Rely on Yourself for Singing Success

Lianne Kaye

Lianne Kaye has had her original material played on BBC radio, and her YouTube channel has garnered 9 million views.

She shares the tricks of the trade she’s learned whilst developing her career as a singer.

Singing on YouTube

What drew you into the world of YouTube?
I started my YouTube channel, mainly just to see what people thought of my voice and what I did. I didn’t start with the intention of having to make a big fan base or following.

A tip on performing in front of the camera?
It can be scary, and at times I can still feel awkward. Just enjoy what you’re doing and don’t overthink it. That’s when a performance comes across its best.

Your videos look great, what equipment do you use?
Currently I’m using a Canon 600D camera and I edit in final cut pro x. I use logic pro x to record, and my microphone is an SE X1.

What tips would you give for people who don’t have that equipment?
I started out recording on my iPod, so I honestly know what its like if you don’t have the equipment. On YouTube, it mainly comes down to your personality and talent, so don’t feel like you can’t achieve awesome things if you don’t have the gear. I’d recommend asking for equipment for birthday or Christmas presents!

How do you best connect to your fans?
YouTube is my biggest outlet, not forgetting Instagram. The video/picture side of things allow you to connect better with people.

Most important lesson you have learned from social media?
Being yourself and being lighthearted is the best way. Nobody wants to read anything too heavy. Keep it heart-warming or funny.

Music Career Lessons

What obstacles have you had to overcome for your love of singing?
Taking knock backs and playing tough crowds has made me a stronger performer, and more experienced in how to handle situations. There are always times in a musician’s career where they question “is this really worth it?” But the good experiences and the love for it outweigh the bad.

A musical lesson you’ve learnt the hard way
If you want to have the upper hand, you have to be able to do pretty much everything yourself. Learn as many skills as you can so you understand all aspects of music.

A live performance you’ve learnt the hard way
You are only as good as the sound that you are being put through. No amount of straining or singing to the top of your lungs is going to sell your voice if you’re singing through a terrible PA system. Don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t sound how you want it to live – it’s all experience.

You are only as good as the PA that you are being put through.

How do you look after your voice?
I try to avoid straining or overworking. If I feel it’s getting a little sore or tender I try to rest it and hold off on practicing for a little while.

A few ingredients of a memorable vocal performance?
Whenever I’ve had a good vocal performance my voice has always been very warmed up. Also, I’m a big fan of good dynamics and mic control.

Favorite singing quote?
“You can fail at something you don’t enjoy, so you might as well try something you love!” – Courtesy of the awesome Jim Carrey.

Share a time when you nailed it:
I was playing a song in my set that has a really high note at the end, and quite a few hard licks – I just went for it. I just remember the look on some people’s faces. They definitely were not expecting it from a little person like me! It’s nice to feel you’ve surprised people’s expectations.

Favorite vocal gear?
I’m really enjoying using the TC Helicon Perform V. It gives you that extra bit of control on stage with some great vocal effects and reverbs.

If you had to wake up with someone else’s voice, who would it be?
Hayley Williams, Christina Aguilera or Allanah Myles.

Lianne Kaye Lianne Kaye is a British Singer/ Songwriter and YouTuber with a Pop/ Rock/ Country inspired sound. From starting out on the YouTube scene at the age of 15, Lianne has built a loyal online following through her unique cover songs on her channel, as well as her original material. Lianne has worked with writers and producers signed to the likes of Universal and Bucks Music Group. She released an EP that climbed the rock chart in 2014 titled ‘Vacancy’ and in June 2016 she released her upbeat, Pop/Rock single ‘CLEAR’. YouTube | Facebook  | Twitter | Instagram