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Singing – Talent, Skill or Soul?

This week we’re delving deep, to find the essence of what we do as singers.

The way we view our vocal artistry is very personal. Many of us consider singing to be a cathartic exercise, to soothe and calm the soul. Others work methodically to improve their voice through practice just as a tradesman would to hone his craft. But what do you think? This week we’d like to hear what place singing has in your thought.

So the question is: Would you consider singing to be an art form (like painting), a skill (like plastering), something spiritual (like praying) – or a mixture of these?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: Is there any place for screaming in the world of music? Is it an artform to be mastered, or is it just a gimmick?

Benny Valenzuela commented…

“Of course there is. It can be done properly without hurting your voice. Jaime Vendera teaches how to do this”.

Hakon Roholt posted…

“Growling, either low, mid or high pitch, is not an easy thing to do (correctly, without hurting your voice), as some seems to think. Its not just screaming, its an “art”, a technique to master, just as normal clean singing is. I do not think of “screaming-bands” like Trivium or that kind of bands. we all know what happened to Matt Heafy, he did not master the “art” of growling/screaming”.

Simon Alexander wrote..

“Clare Torry on Floyd’s ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’. Amazing control of a scream”.

Interesting comments everyone. See you next time!

All the best, C x