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Singing with Star Quality?

This week we’re exploring what gives a singer that ineffable X-factor.

As artists, it seems we are forever striving for that most illusive of qualities in our singing, that which will take our performances to the next level. Some call it star quality; some call it the X-Factor, but either way no one seems to be able to describe exactly what ‘it’ is. What we can agree on however, is you know it when your hear it. This week at Voice Council we’d like to hear your suggestions into what you believe to be star quality in a singer. Is it an absolutely flawless level of technique? Is it connection with the lyric? Or is it something else entirely? Let us know.

So the question is: Is there really such a thing as the X-Factor or Star Quality? If so, how do we realise it in our own performances?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: How do you bounce back from a bad gig?

Lou Remondelli wrote…

“Pick yourself up, dust your self off, get back on that horse and ride. Alice Cooper said: any reaction good or bad, is still a reaction so keep on Rocking”!

Cathy Blondeux commented…

“We talk about it together, about the mistakes, the way not to repeat them. Then we focus on the positive points of the gigs to find motivation. The show must go on”.

Matt Mathews responded…

“If it wasn’t a musicianship thing, then look at the venue you should have never booked. To note, there are many, many things that can be attributed to a Bad Gig”.

Brent Stuart wrote…

“Let it go, and focus on what you can do better in the future”.

Thanks for all your observations and insights this week guys. See you all again soon”.

Thank-you once again for all your insights in this week’s discussion. A bad gig can be hard to forget, but the self-doubt and performance anxiety that it brings can damage our future performances too. The best thing you can do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and resolve to do the best gig of your life next time.