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The Sisterhood: Be Fearless on Stage

The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood opened for Rod Steward’s stadium tour in the UK, supported Gary Clark Jr, played the main stage of CMC music festival in Australia and performed at Milan Fashion Week.

Alyssa has made waves by working with Steven Tyler, and Ruby has received guidance from her rock star dad, Rod Stewart.

They talk to VoiceCouncil about their electrifying live performances and vocal inspirations.

What makes a memorable performance?

Alyssa (A): Having the courage to be fearless on stage. Looking at someone in the audience and connecting with each person in the room.

Ruby (R): There are moments when you hold a note and you soar for a little bit. It’s almost as if you’re above the audience then you come back down on to stage with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Oh, and whenever the audience sings the words back to you. My heart swells to hear a bunch of strangers sing together. There is nothing like it.

How do you best connect to your fans?

A: Writing truthful songs about my life. The truth will always resonate with someone else and a connection is made.

R: Being able to directly sing to people who are open to the experience is a true connection. A oneness that is found especially in that cyclic creative energy.

Let’s talk vocals

How do you look after your voice?

A: Warming up is SO IMPORTANT. I thought I could just go on stage and sing every night until I totally blew my voice out one night because I hadn’t warmed up.

R: I try to avoid being around smoke as much as possible. Drink tons of water. Hydration is a singer’s best friend!


Ruby: “I try to avoid being around smoke as much as possible”

Have you ever had singing lessons?

A: My mother taught me how to sing. She taught me how to really open my mouth when I’m trying to sing high notes.

R: I did for about 3 months but I didn’t enjoy it. I felt ‘trained’ instead of finding my style. A great vocal coach will help you along that journey. My real lesson came from trying to imitate my favorite singers.

Tell us about your favorite singers:

A: My mom is my favorite singer along with Joni Mitchell. Complete powerhouse vocalists!

R: Nina Simone. She plays with different tones and styles and she can make you fall so deeply in love and feel so alone all with in a song. Aretha Franklin: her voice and message is sometimes all I need on a bad day. Billie Holiday: Something about the timbre of her voice and how she always ends on a minor. Etta James and Janis Joplin: The grit, gravel and rawness of both of these women’s voices. They never cared about sounding pretty. It was always about exposing their heart.

What obstacles have you had to overcome for your love of singing?

A: Fear! It’s always hard achieving your dreams when you are afraid. There is nothing to fear! Just keep singing and doing it for the love of it.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media

A: Try not to be consumed by it, but make sure you create posts regularly that are important but also fun. Most people enjoy seeing photos of musicians just being normal people.

R: It’s wonderful to be able to reach the masses with a simple app. It’s also a shame to see people disengaging with life because of it. Use it with discretion and only for positive and evolutionary progress.

Have you collaborated with anyone interesting?

A: I got to sing a duet with Steven Tyler! To see how he works in the studio is something that’s beyond magical. It was a song I co-wrote, and he just fell in love with! He also just recorded my song ‘I Make My Own Sunshine’ which I got to sing with him at his show in Rhode Island!

Alyssa and Ruby together The Sisterhood are an organic bled of the open melodies of classic West Coast folk and the magnetic swagger of timeless rock n’ roll, powered by Alyssa and Ruby’s soaring richly textured harmonies and effortless chemistry. Both ladies have strong musical DNA. Alyssa is the daughter of Kathie Baillie & Michael Bonagura (the core of country band Baillie & The Boys) and Ruby’s father is rock icon Rod Stewart. www.thesisterhoodband.com

  • Marcos Ficarelli

    Beaultiful voices, nice pair. For sure this song doesn’t show much Rock, but shows what they can be. Enough, Learned a lot with their parents.