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Lyrics and Raybans: Inside Skeye’s Gig Bag

skeye's gigbag

Skeye are a New York duo whose experiments with ambient recording spaces gained almost 8 million views on their YouTube channel.

They have emerged from the internet with 3 critically acclaimed albums which are performed live across the U.S.

We politely asked to take a sneak peek inside their gig bag.

Skeye’s Gig Bag

Nord Electro 4D

Although I’m mainly a singer, I also play keyboard on a lot of live songs. I like the Nord because it has so many settings and high-quality sounds. It makes it easy to get just about any sound I’m looking for. It’s also pretty lightweight and snazzy looking, too.

Lyric Book

For when inspiration strikes or I’m playing a new song whose lyrics or chords still escape me!

Kor Water Bottle

I love this water bottle. It’s durable, easy to transport, and looks great. You can also add printed words or images under the cap to personalize the bottle or provide inspiration.

TC-Helicon Play Acoustic pedal

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Because… why not?

EV Microphone

The perfect microphone that works with the dynamics of my voice. It is very directional which is important during live performances to avoid feedback.

TC Helicon Play Electric Effects Pedal

I like having the flexibility to manually control my vocal effects. This little pedal (reviewed on VoiceCouncil) has a lot of great effects packed in and it fits perfectly on top of my Nord.

Dog Leash

For events that are dog-friendly, you can bet our Weimaraner, Onyx, will be tagging along. He’s learning how to be a good studio dog and gig dog. Now if only he could carry some gear once in a while…

SkeyeJohn and Lindsey, two native New Yorkers, started writing music together in 2008 and later dubbed themselves “Skeye.” They embarked on two projects: an endeavour they called “Room Experiments” and writing their first record. In each location, they experimented with acoustics, ambience and the space’s general response to sound. Skeye built a collection of these live recordings on YouTube and gained the attention of a large international following. They released their first album, Bleuphoria, in 2011 and a second studio album, Sea & The Stars, in 2014. Their new record, Stories of the American Frontier is out now. Website | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

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