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Songwriter’s Block?

It happens to the best of us; after all, it’s impossible to be creative constantly.

There is a way, however, to bounce right back in!

Try picking out a title for your new song before you do anything else.

While I usually don’t know the title of my songs until I start writing, switching the process around gets the ball rolling.

Think of an uncommon title or something that will be intriguing for listeners.

From there, explore possible situations or outcomes that revolve around that title.

Ask yourself who, what, where, when and why.

You should now be able to come up with several ideas that, in time, will turn into a verse or chorus.

Let the ideas pour out…

  • Nacksius


  • A Tempo

    I often use this myself and it really works. Another helpful tip is to right a short story outling a scenario. Rather than just going line by line with your lyrics, you will find that using a different thinking process is very useful.

  • Guest

    bobcat  I hadnt written in a while. Then I started writting  for an audio/drama company with drama writers,a title and a story line.  it seemed easy enough, but it wasnt my story.Sometimes, it was athought, a name and astory about two guys from west bum screw,who were twenty eight,never been laid and were on a singles cruise.Stories like that freaked me out for a while.It had to be done in two weeks,and the pressure was on.I bitched and moaned for a while.lot of rewrites.I got them done,and they made me stronger.Now Im back at the same place, so Ill try your method.    THANKS

  • Anthony


    Now tell me that I won composer submission Tip of the month, and YES I will be glad to receive my brand new TC HELicon Voicelive and mic asap.

    Ta ever so much !

  • Maximum Azz

    Pic something with passion behind it.

    I had a really bad bout of writers block and i just wasnt happy with anything i was putting down, it had no feel or soul.

    My bassist at the time literally picked up the “left for dead” game we had obsessively played for the last 3 months and said “you always complain about the AI characters on this, sing about that”. Now i didnt tak it seriously it was approached as a joke because we all knew what the lyrics reffered to – a bloody video game!

    It seemed really absurd to think yes these might be the lyrics and vocals to our new single but it was honestly one of the best songs iv ever written. I guess what i’m trying to say is find something that you connect with outside of music and try apply that to the song – the funnier the better. Its helped me countless times. Whenever i struggle to put those amazing lyrics i just relax a little pick a stupid subject and at the very least come out with a nice melody to spark the new lyrics.

    I hope this helps :)