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Sonic Cuisine Opens

Studio and live engineer Wes Maebe invites vocalists to dine more often in the rich world of the audio-phile.

His blog features insights especially tailored for vocalists who are trying to learn more about the equipment they rely upon.

Wes says, “Your gear is your tools and the biggest allies you have in the studio and on stage. Be it a microphone, compressor, EQ or just a simple plug, they’ll all require care and attention. An important part of being a great performer is the ability to care for and respect your gear; it’ll probably last you a lifetime.”

Wes Maebe directs his own mastering room in West London and has worked as FOH, studio/location recording, mix or mastering engineer for numerous clients including: Sting, Chaka Khan, Glen Matlock, Yusuf Islam, Alexandra Burke, Melanie C, Deborah Bonham, The Kooks, New Model Army, Elliott Randall, Hayley Westenra, Ann Peebles, Fairport Convention, Stiff Little Fingers, Specimen, Mo Foster, Exit 10 and The Zimmers!