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Sophie Love – “January” – Original Song

Bio: Hi I’m Sophie Love, I’m the girl who has never quite understood the way our hearts behave. I write songs about what is going on in my life because i love the feeling of hearing something so heart-felt it descirbes your exact emotions and feelings. When i was little i always used to love, in school, when we had to write our own poetry but i never really thought anything of it at the time. Then a few years down the line i started playing the guitar and a few months ago i rediscovered my love of writting so i decided to put them together. I’m kinda new to the guitar i have basically taught myself everything i know. I have never written a meaningless song, they always mean something to me or are about a stage in my life. I love songwritting most of all, and singing just comes along with it. Sometimes i will sit there for 5 mins and write a full song but sometimes its harder. Because my songs are about whats going on in my life the more drama or experiences i go through the easier songwritting becomes. I decided to post my songs on youtube because i think they are very easy to relate to and many teens even adults have felt the way i do in my songs. I hope you enjoy them and i have many more to come. Thank you so much for reading this!

  • Hello Sophie,

    From reading your bio, it seems you have the heart for music but lack the prowess to pull your songs off convincingly. I’d rather not pick you apart but instead offer the idea that you severely lack confidence as a performer. Move past being self taught and seek out some savvy intervention. Learn to really sing and really play and fans will flock to your glowing countenance. You’re young and have a long way to go…keep writing my friend!



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  • Sarah Bella

    I love your bio, I love that all your songs have meaning! I think over time you will continue to develop and your songwriting will become strong and convincing, since it is your passion :) Keep at it!