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Soulofbass – Oh Seoul (Original)

Bio: hi im soulofbass more recently known as the dewgun. been writing songs since 1999 and recording since 2003

  • Hey Soul!

    I think what you did most here for me was to draw me into your zany world. Good job…engaging the video as an intimate element of your performance is something I press often in the peer reviews.

    I noticed that when you get into your song, sometimes you get pretty pitchy, but being able to see your dubbed in facial gestures fits the chaotic yet pleasant vibration of this song. All in all one…of the most interesting visual vids yet. It's important to have fun with this stuff and I wouldn't be surprised to see you gaining fans with this approach.

    As far as the music and singing goes, I wanted to step away from the view of you and listen to see if I liked the song just as much. I didn't. But it still struck a chord in me. I think it's a catchy tune and you have a modern enough sounding voice…it just gets really rough at times.

    So, you can take it with a grain of salt because you obviously have vision. Kurt Cobain and Bob Dylan could barely sing a lick but they gave it all they had and made a killing ripping our hearts out with less than perfect pitch.

    I have to ask, where's the bass? Soul of Bass…right?! I kid! You did fine but I can't help but wonder what this song would be like fleshed out with a video adaptation not too far removed from what you've done…just more elaborate.

    Seems like you could get away pretty cheap with a good camera and a walk through downtown, parks, just normal everyday places, while being emotive in the soft parts and of course keep the exaggerated faces to inject that strange sense of humor you have. It just might go viral on youtube!!!

    Yup, ya' made me laugh and that's more than most can do…seems it's always been about evoking emotion than being perfect anyway :) I really enjoyed the overall number my friend…keep at it, you're on to something. You can always work hard to sound better but don't worry about fitting in…keep it up and people will want to fit in with you :)



  • I love your song and I love the way you did your video – simple yet compelling, sincere and quirky. Well done and best wishes!