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Sound Too Familiar?

It may be time for some new sources of inspiration –says Sarah Bella

Have all your songs started to sound the same?

It’s one thing to have a style; that is a great thing to possess!

As an artist, all the songs you release should stay in the style or genre you are going for.

However, when every verse seems to lead to the same chorus, it’s time to re-evaluate.

I think all songwriters go through this.

When you feel yourself running out of steam, go out and grab some new inspiration!

Find new influences by checking out a new band or artist. Or go back in time and listen to classic writers and let your mind go.

Learn new songs and go where you feel a bit uncomfortable going. Over time, you’ll be humming a different tune.


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  • Christo Strom

    Very good advice Sarah! 

  • Not only should you seek inspiration in other artists in a variety of genres, but inspiration also comes from living.  Go out and try something new and meet new people.  Channel these activities into your writing.