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Speech Vs. Singing?

This week we’re exploring if/how the speaking voice impacts upon singing? 

Let’s face it; even the busiest professional singers will still spend the majority of their time using their vocal mechanism for speech rather than singing. Speech is just too well engrained into our everyday life for us to go about without it. That being said, it’s easy to see how traits from our speaking voice may find their way into our practice as a singer. But what if these traits could be detrimental to us? For example, overly breathy or husky speech could fatigue the voice much quicker than clear, uninhibited phonation. The same could also be said for those in a profession where they need to constantly project their voice, such as a teacher or call-center worker. This week we’d like to hear if/how you feel your speaking voice affects your singing and how you work to combat it in your practice.

So the question is: Do you think habits in our speaking voice (accents, breathiness etc.) Can affect the way we sing, if so can we learn to control this?   

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: Besides your microphone, what’s your favorite piece of vocal tech that you’re using at the moment? 

Michael Vaughn wrote…

A megaphone”.

Paul Gerrald Williams commented…

“Just bought a TC Helicon FX 150, gigged for the first time with it last night. Not sure about it just yet but could be my favorite if it does what they claim”.

Judy Gosler responded…

“My Bose PA. The clarity is fantastic”!

Freya Astrella wrote…

“I have never used anything! Am I behind the times”?

Thanks again for all the comments we’ve received this week. It’s seems that TC-Helicon’s Voice Live products are a clear favorite among our readers.

See you all next week.