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SPIRITWO – Mistakes

SPIRITWO first hit London stages in 2008 with her compelling combination of banging electro, industrial art deco pop, dubstep and world music. Within months, SPIRITWO had already made a big impact on the East London arts scene, having been invited to host & perform at events such as Ladyfest 2010 and Hackney Wicked Festival 2010 – 2011 with her powerful theatrical live show. SPIRITWO will shake you with her exclusive blend of humour and fright making both your heart and feet jump. Now working on her first full album – capturing the underground vibes of London’s East End, where she resides, adding her own depth and twist – the album and the performance is a gem full of power and magic that consist of a unique vocal abilities, musical diversity and strong visuals.

  • Spiritwo


  • Anonymous

    Love your energy, your presence, your distinctive voice AND THE MESSAGE. Thanks for sharing this – you’re so right – we learn from the mistakes.

  • Spiritwo

    Thanks so much! pleasure to read! do send link to your work, i’m here to listen too! :)

  • AlecDrow

    I´m always glad to see real artists doing their thing!
    Great energy, great passion!
    All thumbs up !!!! 

  • Spiritwo

    THanks a lot!! do send me link to your work too if you want :) xx
    All my love and have the best year coming, 
    Yael Claire :) xx

  • KowBoy Tom

    SPIRITWO, you are attractive and talented. Do you think “angry” augments either of these? Try this song again using “longing” instead.

    -KowBoy Tom

  • AlecDrow
  • Spiritwo

    Hey Alec checked your song today – there is emotion in your singing, and i like when you double your voice as well, i like multi layered singing because it make the emotions stronger. It is also clear that you are conveying an important message – i also like the electronic production! 
    You can create more dynamics with your voice sometime – going from almoust ‘wispers’ in the verses in some words – to almoust screaming in courses in some moments…just an idea :))
    good luck! Claire :)

  • Spiritwo

    Thanks KowBoy Tom :) sometimes i use ‘longing’, but, nah, for that one i prefer ‘angry’ :-p 
    it is about my stupid mistakes  – not exactly what i ‘long’ for!