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Stage Banter – What is Your Approach?

Stage Banter - What is Your Approach?
This month we asked our Facebook followers…

Love it or hate it, a lead singer is generally expected to chat with the audience during the performance. What works for you?

Although some of you expressed discomfort with audience banter, the reoccurring advice is to let your personality shine through.

Janet Steinberg-Bohn said:

“It is important to let your own personality, humour and thoughts come forth.”

And Mark AG agreed adding:

“Just be yourself, make mistakes and never forget to introduce your fellow musicians and singers!”

If you are struggling to be spontaneous and natural, scripted sound bites could be the way forward.

Sarah Ben admits:

“I hate this part. Usually I try to prepare in advance what I’m going to say.”

Iain Roy Orbison expands on this:

“I have set humorous intros for many of my songs which are guaranteed to work – experiment – keep the ones that work and develop them.”

Christian Walsh thinks a confident approach is the best:

“I like the generally blunt enthusiastic approach, no matter how many people/how old or how sober, you’re dancing. Now.”

Whatever your banter tactics are, Guy Garvey from Elbow is the guy to learn from according to Sarah Barker who said:

“He was able to command and own this huge space and yet make you feel like the only person in the room. He asked us if we were alright several times and did a cheers with his pint.”

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  • Kirk Leavesley

    I worked as Lead vocalist in Vancouver 1970-75 and I would get off stage and the club owner said: “I counted 30 seconds of dead space in that last set, you better pick it up.” Brutal environment, but I sure learned to fill the space. I’m 65 now and play 20+ gigs a month as a single artist (vocals & guitar). My audience is Seniors and I always like to keep things moving by chatting and giving them information on the song between songs and they love it. The important thing is, lots of songs and minimal chat, just keep it interesting and relevant.