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Standing out from the Crowd

This week we’re looking at cover songs, and how we can ensure our versions stand out from the crowd.

As vocalists, it is more than likely that we will spend a percentage of our time covering other people’s material. However (despite the preconception), this is never as easy as simply remembering the lyrics! In order to separate ourselves from the being compared to the original, it is important that we create something that is unique and personal to us. This week we’d love to hear your views on making covers memorable.

So the question is: When covering a song, how do you make your version stand out from the crowd?
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Great Comments from Last Week:
Last week I asked, what piece of advice would you give to someone recording their voice the first time?

Claire Davidson wrote on our Facebook wall…

Definitely warm up, don’t drink dairy products beforehand as it can make you all clagged up. Also, take criticism gracefully, it’s absolutely essential to improve.

Christian777 commented on our forum…

…don’t get frustrated. When you sing off-pitch, relax, check your breathing, because due to pressure you sometimes forget to breathe and your notes start to fall. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake; remember that studios capture everything perfectly.

Thank-you to the fantastic responses this week, keep checking back for more questions and updates.