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How to Stay Motivated with Songwriting

Songwriting with Sarah BellaEvery writer has their very creative peaks and some lower, not so creative lows.

Especially after you write a really great song, sometimes that feeling of “I can’t top that”, leads to a loss of energy.

Fortunately I am not depending on my songwriting for all of my income, so the pressure is off if I just have nothing.

But songwriters whose paycheck depends on a deadline and need something to start flowing out, should call a songwriting buddy!

Co-writing is a great way to get the creative juices flowing again and open yourself up to new ideas.

You’d be surprised how quickly the motivation sets back in. You’ll find yourself writing in areas you would have never thought of yourself.

And even if you co-write just one song, that one will inspire you to start writing more.

If you’ve got no one to call, the second best option is to pop in a new CD and give a good listen.

Let new music inspire you and motivate you to keep going.


  • Poppa Madison

    I just had one of those “This is it” moments, but I don’t time to go into a “Low” right now because I have to set up and get up and sing and record it!

    Come to think of it I don’t get the “Composer Blues or Lows” , I just get the “NO’s” in between inspirations, which kinda frees me to do all those housekeeping tasks like chasing up Cover Licences and making sure my Database is up to date and most important, that I have Backed up my Master files!!!!!

    Yo! Ho! Ho! for the “No! No! No!” time out.

    Merry Christmas one and all!


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