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Steam, Glorious Steam

Sometimes the best vocal remedies are free -says Dane Chalfin.

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The only recommended topical antidote, if you like, to a dry husky, or strained voice is steam inhalation and that’s because when we inhale the vocal folds open up and everything goes down into the lungs. And so the only way to actually get anything to touch the vocal folds them self is to inhale it and steam is beautiful because it can restore some topical moisture and it can help break up thick sticky mucus secretions in in the nasal terminates but also in the larynx so that you are less likely to be coughing more thick, gunky stuff and the less you cough the less pressure and strain you’re putting on the vocal folds.

So inhaling steam really is the best way and I suppose this has stayed under the radar in the commercial world because it’s very hard to sell something that’s free – and water for most of us is essentially free and boiling it is essentially free and it really is that simple.

You don’t need to put anything in the water, any oils or anything you put in there is just to make it smell nice if they don’t actually increase the effect – it’s the steam that’s doing the work and steaming five to fifteen minutes a day, two or three times a day can certainly help rejuvenate a husky voice quite quickly and although it’s not a cure-all – you’ve got to examine why the voice is husky and tired in the first place – but it can act as part of the cocktail of remedies that we use to get things working more efficiently.