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Steve Antonsen – “Fool” – Midstokke Blues

Bio: My name is Steven and I sing in Seattle hard rock band Midstokke. We’ve been together for over 5 years. This song, “Fool”, is on our newest release “It’s Your Problem Now!” Ted Norris is on guitar. It’s one of our favorite songs to perform. Thanks for checking it out!

  • Cool tune.. nice groove

  • Cool tune! Nice groove

  • Cher22

    Something about your sound reminds me of Kenny Wayne Shepherd's band. I would like to hear more of songs. I like your vocals and the use of the guitar and harmonica. You sound good together. I think better lighting and video equipment would be a plus. Of course, it takes a more money for things like that and I know my money goes for music equipment so you are ahead of me with what you have. Anyway, I like your sound. Where are your CD's sold at?

  • Sarah Bella

    What a great sound! LOVE that guitar work and the harmonica is amazing. Great blues song by what looks like a great band…you've got a new fan!

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  • Hello Steven!

    Whatup Blues Brothers?! I can tell that you really enjoy singing this song…nice vibrato to boot. I bet this is a great break in a hard rockin' set and I'm sure your fans really dig it. I like the freaky facial expression that coincide with your voice, painful and twitchy with a fair bit of grit. Your guitar player's got a great sense of rhythm and it's evident that you're feeling his groove in your soul. I notice that you stress your voice at times and when you do your pitch wavers…but it's all rock n' roll right…I don't think the average listener would notice. Glad you boys have been together so long and are doing so well. Oh, hey nice tag at the end…gotta make us laugh out here in internet land…good follow up. You're image is kind of sloppy but that may just be what you're going for with the down n' dirty style of music that you perform. No worries…Stay in touch!!!



  • Robert Lunte

    Steve is a student of Robert Lunte & The Vocalist Studio (www.TheVocalistStudio.com).

    He is one of our top vocal athletes, a “Screaming Pillar” and has trained with me for over four years.

    They may soon be signing a deal with EPI records soon, so keep an eye on Steve.

  • Steveantonsen

    Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it. I only want to get better and I really enjoy performing. My goal is to be the best that I can be at this art form. I understand it takes years of dedication and hard work but I am willing to do the work. And speaking of work, as stated below, I have been training with Robert Lunte here in Seattle, Wa. He has helped me grow a ton and I look forward to developing my talent further with him. Thanks Rob!

    Thanks also the Voice Council for allowing aspiring artists like myself to post and share their art in a positive environment. Good stuff! Thank you!