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Steve Lewin – Time Was On Your Side

Ask Steve Lewin to point out his favourite instrument from his collection of guitars and there’s a good chance he’ll hand you a pen. The Toronto-based musician is a songwriter first and foremost and credits his passion for crafting emotive music for his expanding popularity across the world. In late-2009, Steve released The Ruthless Pursuit to critical acclaim, described by fans as on onslaught of unmitigated melody. He’s also gained Hollywood’s attention. In 2009, Lewin started licensing out his music for use in both television & film. His expertise in writing, performing and producing has been valued by producers, directors, music supervisors, and fans across the world. More information on Steve Lewin and his music can be found at www.stevelewin.com

  • Robert

    Trying using more breath support when you go into falsetto. Other than that – it's great!

  • Curious song coming from Toronto, homeland of one of my favourite singers. I would have placed it somewhere in eastern Europe. I will try to put my ears on your ruthless pursuit.

  • ujiya

    Hi Steve,

    Good job on creating a balanced environment for your presentation. I don't critique on quality of video because creativity stretches out into every corner of the universe, in myriad ways, but…I really helps a song along to have it delivered well. Others that post to this site might take your lead as a benchmark for quality and an initial step toward promoting their art.

    You have a road tested voice and a firm understanding of dynamics. I did get a bit bogged down in the tune about 3/4 of the way through “Time Was On Your Side.” There are many beautiful passages in this song, perhaps grab your fave and really work it into a memorable hook to help take this song over the top!