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Steve Russell – Broken Radio

I sing, I play, I write. I like sunny evenings, the smell of freshly cut grass, my cat Harley, Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola, and Tom Petty songs. I dislike rude people.

  • Hi Steve,

    I closed my eyes and could've sworn I was listening to an old out take of an “unheard” song from Bobby D! I expected that voice to come out of an older, huskier individual. Nice color. It sounds like you know what direction your shooting for, an honest, grass roots approach to music…from reading your description of yourself = it fits. It's always best not to pretend when attempting to sing from the heart.

    A huge part of performing live is engaging your audience. Although you're by yourself in a small room, try to envision a crowd of people in front of you and give 'em heck!!! True, it's just you, a guitar and the video camera…but…there are thousands of us out here watching you. Haha, or = an old “Broken Radio that we're gathered around?!” Either way, we're all out here listening :)

    I noticed that you look away, toward the back wall, when you're not singing…look at us and mess with our heads.

    There's plenty of tongue in cheek and punchy lyrics in your song. Let us in! We want to laugh and brawl with ya'! All in all, Steve, I really like your style and I think you have a rich future ahead of you if you keep at it. Do watch your pitch when you trail out a sentence…as you expend breath the pitch in these areas seem to wane a bit.

    You'r young, fresh and engaging…keep at it; I'd love to hear more from you :)