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  • Rey David Maldonado

    love this site!

  • Jaye Fayed

    I need serious help and maybe others are experiencing the same problems. I cannot see my presets on voice support page. My firmware is blacked out and the presets tab is blacked out too. I cannot see the presets uploads to the right side of the page like I do with my Voice Live 2 touch. I bought the Voice Live 3. I think I made a mistake. I saw that it had a USB interface and now I am finding out from Shawn at TC Helicon tech department that the VL3 USB is only designed to get updates only. My computer does not see my VL 3 and it does not see any midi devices hooked up. When I download the VL3 free editor it searches for the Voice Live 3 but cannot find it. Please someone help me. There were 71 people that viewed this problem and not one person offered any advice not even a tC tech monitor that reads the stuff. This is my 6th TC product and it seems when there is a problem it takes awhile to hear from anyone. It seems like there needs to be a patch or something. I am running win 8.1.

    Thank you

    Everett, WA

  • Taklima

    hey guys just joined this thing but not sure what its called yet


    HELP. I just bought voice live3 extreme and am having a world or problems with the backing track feature. what I want to do is import a list of songs I perform live and then set up automated harmonies. The problem is that it seems you have to link each track with an existing preset. There are a few I like and probably would only use 2 or three at the most. recording the auto instructions is easy. But the problem I am having is once you line one track to a preset the automation instructions for that song will show up on all the other tracks you try to use that preset for. And it seems that for each song you select you have to scroll thru the presets before you can play that song. None if this seems correct but I don’t know how to fix it and nothing in the manual talks about this. Also, I want to delete one of the songs I input, but can’t find a way to do it. On the STORE screen when I scroll to MANAGE only one of the songs I inputed shows up and I inputed several. I know there is an easy explaination for all this, but where is it. Can anybody help me with this?????

  • Anvil

    Just joined this forum after a long absence and am amazed at all the little tools and tricks I’ve picked up. The news-letters are something to look forward to (as opposed to others of their type). I just bought a T.C.H VoiceLive Play (yes there are better ‘models’), and it absolutely ROCKS! The trick is to get the most out of a piece of equipment and I’ve learnt a lot already. So much more to utilize with it!
    Just wanted to say THX to VoiceCouncil Magazine, for all the tidbits of information that even my band has noticed a change. PEACE ALL

  • Colin

    Good health and happiness to all at VoiceCouncil Magazine in 2016 :-)

  • Billy Desmond

    Have a great 2016 ..VCM.. looking forward!

  • Thanks Billy! You too!

  • Thanks Colin – it’s really fab to support singers and hope you enjoy this community in 2016!

  • Hey Anvil – a better unit than the VLP? ;-) Thanks for the kind words and glad you are a part of this unique, boutique community!

  • The guys at the TCH support email site are just great – send your question along and you will find help there.

  • Anvil

    You misunderstand,(LOL), I meant there are T.C Helicon units that are more robust than the VoiceLive Play (I’m a loyalist at the least!)…..but with it as my “primary” tool at the moment, it is simply just a great product….the up-grade will come soon though:) People should know that one doesn’t need to be “crazy” or “extravagant” to enter the world of vocal tools, the VoiceLive-Play is a top notch way to start your learning of the tools that T.C.Helicon puts out….add a good mike, some decent cables, and you’re off to a different world of singing. PEACE ALL!!!!

  • Anvil

    This is the start of a brand new year….The band is focused, we’re writing up a storm….and with the help and advice from VCM, things seem GOLDEN! Happy New Year to VCM and all members of this forum! PEACE ALL!!!!

  • Charmaine Chetcuti

    I vote gail attard amazing voice

  • Zoran

    Saša Jakelić is the winner, that is the voice you could listen over and over again