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Summer 2015 Singing Competition Winner Announcement

Summer 2015 Singing Competition Winner Announcement
Five coach-handpicked finalists and one of our own chosen wildcards have gone head-to-head in the Summer 2015 Singing Competition.

We recently published a showcase article highlighting the finalists of VoiceCouncil’s Summer 2015 Singing Competition. Here’s a roundup once again of the finalists this time:

Finalist Overview

The standards of the finalists in VoiceCouncil’s Summer 2015 Singing Competition was very high and choosing a winner was a difficult decision. Before we announce the winner, we’d like to take this opportunity congratulate all of the finalists for getting as far as they did, and thank all the entrants for sending in their fantastic videos.

The Winner

We are delighted to announce that the winner is Jose Garcia:

Great rep choice for your voice. I really appreciated your connection to the text. I noticed that you seemed even more connected when singing in Spanish.
Tom Burke, VoiceCouncil’s ‘Vocal Coach in Residence’ May 2015

Our Comments: Jose’s voice is perfect for this timeless style of music, and he interprets the song and the timings nicely. His character comes through very well, with a powerful delivery that is smooth, sexy and expressive. Tom Burke’s initial comments about the Spanish section were spot on!

Honourable Second Place

We are also delighted to announce that the second place goes to Signe Gry Thorup:

Nice rendition. Heartfelt, sincere. You sang honestly, and that’s always good.
Jeannette LoVetri, VoiceCouncil’s ‘Vocal Coach in Residence’ April 2015

Our Comments: Signe has a great connection with the song, with a delivery that feels very authentic and intimate. Her tone is very soothing and subtle, and along with the crisp recording makes for an amazing overall performance.

The Interviews

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The Next Competition

The Winter 2015 Competition has already begun! If you are an aspiring singer and have a camera, make a video according to the Singing Competition Rules and send us your entry! Keep an eye on the Singing Competition Page and you may see your entry there!

Enter the Singing Competition now!