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Here Are Our Singing Competition Finalists!

Summer 2015 Singing Competition Finalist Showcase
Seven talented finalists are going head to head in the Summer 2016 Singing Competition final.

This competition has been filled with unique and wonderfully gifted singers. Thank you to all who entered and please continue to bring us entertainment through your music.

Over the last six months, our vocal coaches have selected a finalist from our multitude of entries, and the VoiceCouncil Team have selected a further wildcard to proceed to the final round – selecting a winner.

Listen to the fantastic entries below and take part in the discussion of who you think should be the winning entry in the comments below.

January – Philip Dementiev

Daniel Zangger Borch chose Philip Dementiev as a finalist:

Philip has a great voice and I liked his authentic performance.

Philip DementievWatch the full video entry

February – Jake Donaldson

Why Mister Tim chose Jake Donaldson as a finalist:

I am choosing Jake Donaldson to move ahead in our competition because I am charmed both by his performance and by his potential. Keep at it, young ‘un!

Jake DonaldsonWatch the full video entry

March – Mu-sonic

Why Lang Bliss chose Mu-sonic as a finalist:

I chose Mu-sonic to move on in the competition because I feel he has put the time in on his instrument and voice and I like how he made the song “his own”. Great job!

Mu-sonicWatch the full video entry

April – Jody Cooper

Why Ron Browning chose Jody Cooper as a finalist:

He has a beautiful hypnotic voice, full of heart, that keeps the listener’s attention. He creates a nice intimate vibe and has impressive musicianship. Jody has a lot of star potential!

Jody CooperWatch the full video entry

May – Vangelis Polydorou

Why Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher chose Vangelis Polydorou as a finalist:

We are choosing Vangelis Polydorou to move ahead in the VoiceCouncil competition because of his excellent vocal control and the successful reworking of the song for his own voice.

Vangelis PolydorouWatch the full video entry

June – Sarah Louise Dooley

Why Daniel K. Robinson chose Sarah Louise Dooley as a finalist:

I’m choosing Sarah Louise to move ahead in the VoiceCouncil’s competition because her vocals show an aesthetic quality that I think many singers aspire to.

Sarah Louise DooleyWatch the full video entry

Wildcard – Jen McPherson

Why the VoiceCouncil Team chose Jen McPherson as a finalist:

We thought Jen’s voice was beautiful and effortless. She holds all the notes very well even whilst playing her instrument, delivering a fantastic quality performance.

Jen McPhersonWatch the full video entry

Are you a singer yourself? Disappointed that you missed the deadline? Never fear – our next competition is already underway and we’re still accepting entries. Enter our next competition!