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Summer 2016 Singing Competition Winner Announcement

Summer 2016 Singing Competition Winner Announcement
The competition has been tough… but we have reached a conclusion. Congratulations goes to…?

…every one of our finalists, first of all, for getting this far. Your performances are a pleasure to listen to, and we urge you all to continue your journey into the singing world. Well done!

Finalist Overview

With seven fantastic entries, the choice was a tough one and the results were very close, particularly amongst the top three.

The Winner: Vangelis Polydorou

We are pleased to announce the winner is Vangelis Polydorou, with his fantastic vocal control and technical ability. His performance in this competition makes him a very worthy winner.

We subsequently found out that Vangelis recently reached the live semi finals of the UK’s The Voice. Read all about it in our exclusive interview with Vangelis, who wins $1000 USD worth of musical gear.

Great sound and good control, especially moving between falsetto and chest and use of flips and licks. It’s all there vocally!
Kayes & Fisher, VoiceCouncil’s ‘Vocal Coaches in Residence’ May 2016

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Second Place

Jen McPherson was the VoiceCouncil Team’s chosen wildcard and a rightful top contender in this competition. Jen comes a very close second with her competition entry which was recorded at home – in one take – on her DSLR camera.

We’re not the first to have noticed Jen’s talents – she has been featured on Australian radio! Read all about Jen’s achievements in our interview with her.

You have a beautiful voice and really nice pitch.
Daniel Zangger Borch, VoiceCouncil’s ‘Vocal Coach in Residence’ January 2016

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Third Place

Sarah Louise Dooley came very close in the competition; her powerful voice made a real impact.

Though she has amassed almost 400,000 YouTube views, Sarah tells us she uploads cover songs “only for fun”, her true passion being in Irish Dance. Sarah has appeared on British, French and German television for Tour Promotions for the new show, Celtic Generations, and currently performs with Damsha at the Belvedere Hotel Irish Nights.

Sarah Louise, I love the aesthetic of your sound… it really suits the Adele vibe!
Daniel K. Robinson, VoiceCouncil’s ‘Vocal Coach in Residence’ June 2016

Vangelis Polydorou with his prize; a music gear hamper.

The Next Competition

The Winter 2016 Competition has already begun! If you are an aspiring singer and have a camera, record a song and send us your entry. We accept all kinds of videos (see the Singing Competition Rules for more details) and you can enter our latest contest even if you’ve entered one of our previous ones.

The winner will receive a massive prize of musical gear worth up to $1000; Vangelis (pictured) is very happy with his prize hamper!

Don’t miss your chance: submit a video and keep an eye on the Singing Competition Page – you may see your entry there!