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Surviving The Winter Blues?

This week we’re looking at staying vocally healthy through the winter months

Winter can be a harrowing time for the vocalist. Coughs, colds and sniffles are rife and the lack of natural daylight can give us a serious case of the winter blues. Extra gigs can mean a challenging vocal load! This week we’d like to hear your tips and suggestions for staying healthy and on top vocal form throughout the winter months.

So the question is: What advice do you have to stay vocally healthy through the darker, colder winter months?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: What techniques do you use – other than good music – to get gigs and build your fan base?

Richard Tibbetts commented…

“I play mostly pubs and confidence when chatting is key. We’ve got most of our paid gigs without them even hearing our music. Sell yourself”!

Matt Colhoun Posted…

“You have to start local. Playing in local establishments regularly is the best way. Open Mic nights are usually free to participate and the best way to get your feet wet playing in front of people. Local radio stations have been a big supporter of my bands and have played us on the radio. Salesmanship and confidence are a huge plus for whomever you use to promote your band. But it all comes down to knowing the right people and getting your foot in the door”.

Danielle-Laura Ward responded…

“YouTube! For me its all about youtube”!

Great comments this week guys, please keep commenting & keep this forum alive.

C x