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Take Control of Your Sound

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Take Control of Your Sound – Vocalist Insight 25

It’s time for vocalists to increase their mastery of sound production, a leading vocal technologist is here to show the way.

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  • Kevin,

    I forever appreciate your sage wisdom. So true! I've been production minded for years but until TC Helicon came along it had been a definitive struggle to be heard, to color one's own sound, to deliver past what the sound man's favorite aspect of the band might be.

    Now, I still have to use a fair amount of tact when pulling out all of my TC processors, when handing the sound man several cables + in-ear monitors, not-to-mention I'm piping at least half of band's singers through TC wares as well. They tend to look at me cross-eyed and then babble on for a while about how long they've been in their profession and usually don't comply without first making some nasty comments.

    But, I understand where their coming from and stick to the old adage “Ya' get more bees with honey.” Once the gear is all fired up and those saccharine textures come pouring out they tend to change there tune.

    Kevin, because of you and your gang, I now have a wide array of House Engineers that are my friends. They tell me it's rewarding to meet a singer that has these tools at his feet. But alas, I always let them know how I do it and how proud I am of TC Helicon. I'm starting to see more of your equipment in the venues I play. As you well know, it takes some dedication and tweaking to truly color an original sound that is both audible and solid…but you give us so many beautiful tools to accomplish this.

    Thanks again for looking out for the singers!!! Your are deeply loved out here!!!


    Brian K. Stevenson

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