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We’re on a quest to discover your views.

Far too little is known about the needs, aspirations and views of contemporary vocalists.

That’s why we’re trying to reach 1,000 singers – and we want you to be involved.

Our survey takes just a few minutes — and to say “thank you”, we’ll enter you into a draw to receive one of ten free microphones.

We’ll also be giving survey takers advance notice of the results.

You’ll be among the first to discover new information about needs, challenges, pressures and opportunities facing singers all over the world.

We think you’ll find it unique, fun and interesting – the Survey.

More About The Survey

We’ll be using the survey results to craft new and relevant content for singers at VoiceCouncil Magazine.

A wealth of information is known about the challenges and opportunities of other vocations, but the situations vocalists face are truly unique.

Just think about it: a vocalist has to have not only performance skills, but know about gear, vocal health, singing technique, musical genres, mental well being, the latest developments in technology – and know how to relate to band-mates, venue managers, fans and audiences.

That’s a tall order.

We want to find out where vocalists are at with these subjects (and more…) so that we can help you with your quest to master your craft.

By taking our survey, then, you be helping vocalists all over the world to “win”.

-Gregory A. Barker
Commissioning Editor
VoiceCouncil Magazine

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