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Talent Show Tryouts

This week we’re looking at talent show auditions

Programs such as the X-factor and American Idol will soon hit our screens worldwide with fresh, exciting new shows. Let’s imagine that you were going to be trying out – we’d like to hear about how you would ensure your talent show audition would stand out from the crowd. As singers and artists, our individuality is often our biggest selling point and it is essential that we embrace it if we are to leave a lasting impression on our audience.

So the question is: What song would you choose for your talent show audition & how would you ensure your performance would stand out from the crowd? 

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked: As a singer, do you find accompanying yourself on an instrument enhances or detracts from your vocal performance?

Lorianne Crolla wrote:

I find that it does detract and I just don’t have the extra time to work at it – Luckily the musicians in my band are really good and there’s no need for me to play an instrument too”.

Joshua Drane posted:

A bit of both. If I wrote the song on a guitar then I need the guitar to properly perform. If not, I find my range, focus and tone improve when I can worry about just vocals”.

Mikael Elkan commented:

Rehearse rehearse rehearse rehearse”.

Hakon Roholt responded:

It depends. When I don’t know what i’m playing on the guitar too well, it sometimes detracts me from focusing on the singing, but I also think that playing a guitar at the same time, makes me sing with more feel and more passion”!

Thanks for all the great responses guys, keep your eyes open for next week’s discussion.

All the best,

C x