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Review: Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults

Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults book cover

Is this book the definitive guide on teaching singing to children and young adults?

Item: Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults by Jenevora Williams, published by Compton Publishing.

Price: Amazon.com: 35 USD / Amazon.co.uk: 22.50 GBP

Mic rating: 5/5

At a glance: This book is a hands-on guide for singing teachers of all genres – from choral directors, to pop coaches. This book outlines the mental and physiological limitation of children of all ages and offers solutions for the teacher.

High notes: It is always handy to have an anatomy recap and this book delivers the goods in a simple and digestible fashion thanks to Jenevora’s PhD in voice science. For the novice, she provides lesson templates and the handy re-caps at the end of each chapter are easily referenced and can give any teacher a quick boost of assurance.

Off pitch: If I have to be picky, there were some typos towards the end of the book, but it’s difficult to find fault in this book’s robust content which is obviously a combination of first-hand experience and scrupulous research.

Review: In a world where anyone can set up as a private singing teacher, this book should be a mandatory read – even for students who want to find a decent teacher. No teacher can claim to know everything and every teacher will eventually meet a challenging student. This book leaves no stone unturned with regards to what can go wrong in lessons. You also learn the about the intricate changes of children as they grow – what they are capable of understanding and executing as singers; it is made clear that children and teenagers are not just mini-adults. Jenevora clearly cares about the ethics and duty of care involved in teaching, but also the relevance of content and the fun factor. For teachers serious about their practice, this book should end up well-thumbed and dog-eared.