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The Best Singing Resource?

This week we’re looking at the resourses available to guide singers through their vocal journey.  

There’s now a plethora of resources (Books, CDs, DVDs) to help develop our technique, expand our range and build our vocal versatility. We’d like to hear about your experiences and get your recommendations on these, in the hope that new singers may be guided along the right path!

So the question is: Are there any books, CDs or instructional DVDs that you have found particularly useful in honing your technique as a singer?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: As singers, is it best to strive for individuality or versatility in our sound?

Tony Carpenter wrote:

“I personally have always strived for versatility. Individuality is normally there unless you deliberately want to sound like someone else”.

Jeremy Thomas posted:

“individuality”, “versatility” and “sound” are all preconceived ideas. Chuck them out”.

Petra raspel reponded:

“I don’t think one excludes the other at all to be honest – it’s certainly not “either or”…

Leslie A Smith reponded:

“I write original music only. In order to get a unique sound, I have to sing all kinds of other songs/styles, because I would never think of applying that particular voice to a song. In other words, practicing cover songs gives me ideas”.

Some really interesting responses here guys. Please keep posting and keeping this forum alive

All the best, C x