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The Biggest Venue is YouTube

The Ending to This Story

Lance Eckensweiler boasts over 1 million YouTube views, performed at Canadian Music Week and was a finalist in Indie Week Canada.

He tells us how his stage persona ‘The Ending To This Story’ stepped off stage and online to find new fans.

What was it that drew you into the world of YouTube?
The music industry and how people find artists has changed. People don’t go around to music venues to find new acts anymore – they look online. Why wouldn’t you when you can sit in the comfort of your home and have 1000’s of great artists at your fingertips. If you don’t like a particular artist, no problem, YouTube will suggest 30 others to you and it’s all free. There are so many bands creating a following now on YouTube and have great careers.

How has YouTube affected your career?
YouTube has honestly probably been the thing that has worked best for me when trying to reach a larger audience. I played every show I possibly could for a couple years and I saw very little growth. I’ve used almost every social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. but I still never found them helping as far as growing my audience. Now I am having people come out to shows because they’ve seen me on YouTube. It’s a great feeling to see the channel growing and I love interacting with people on the site.

A tip on ‘performing’ in the YouTube venue?
Content frequently is extremely important on YouTube, just as it is with any social media site. There are so many incredibly talented musicians out there and it is very easy to be forgotten unless you keep creating new and exciting videos.

Your videos look great – what equipment do you use?
I purchased a Canon T3i as I wanted something that would be able to take great photos as well. Then an electronics store was going out of business and the store owner gave me a Kodak Playsport. Then my Girlfriend purchased a Canon T3i so I added it to my set up and have been using these three camera to create my videos ever since.

What tips would you have for people who don’t have that equipment?
Use anything that you have at your disposal. Most people have a phone with a camera that can record 1080p video. Many successful YouTube channels still use their laptop cameras. I would suggest purchasing a decent microphone though as many of the mics built into our phones or computers are pretty poor in comparison to what even a cheap USB mic could do. The quality of audio is just as important as quality of video. I use the Neumann TLM 103.

Most people have a phone with a camera, or webcams inside their laptops. Use anything that you have at your disposal.

What obstacles have you had to overcome for your love of singing?
I was 11 when I first really started singing and writing in a band but everything was just dry and monotone. I studied under a local teacher and my vocals improved drastically. I still had issues relaxing – I have chronic anxiety and hold tension in my neck and jaw. Learning how to release tension has been hard but rewarding.

A vocal lesson you’ve learned the hard way
I did a tour a few years back and played the first couple shows of the tour well but after that my voice was gone. Each night of the tour got worse and worse. I had to change something about the way I was singing so my voice would have more endurance. I started working on my technique and warm ups and I am now able to play without losing my voice.

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way
Playing shows for “exposure” is not always the best way to get your name out there. Many of these venues that offer “exposure” as payment are offering no pay because they know they won’t get an audience at their show and they don’t have the money to pay you. If you are playing to no one all the time how will you build your fan base?

Do you write originals?
I have officially released one EP titled “The Phoenix” and am currently in the process of writing a full-length album. Performing and writing my originals has always been the end goal for me and will continue to be.

Lance EckensweilerOriginating from the small town of Port Elgin, Ontario, The Ending To This Story (Lance Eckensweiler) is a solo singer/songwriter who has gained a following through creating loop pedal covers of popular songs on YouTube. YouTube | Facebook | Instagram