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The Creative Potential In A Changing Life

The Creative Potential in a Changing Life
Change and loss can create a burst of creative energy -says Dave Gray.

Sometimes it is easy to focus on what we have lost and are about to lose, rather than to trust that new ideas can invade our work.

Here is an idea to move us toward a more creative view with our musical work:

An Unexpected Guide


Pick a person that you think is not a creative type to come up with a solution to the piece of music you are writing.

Alternatively, ask them how they would write, record, and market their music if they were a musician.

Hearing someone’s opinion outside of your usual radius of influence can provide a refreshing perspective.

Zero Sum

As our musical life progresses, we are often afraid of losing things we value.

Loss is a part of the journey of development

Loss is a part of the journey of development

These things could be a gig, an expensive instrument, a record contract, or our educational experience.

The more we focus on these fears, the less we are able to focus on our creative life, and the greater the distance formed between our higher creativity and our sense of self.

Losing something is just a form of change that we can grow into.

The fear of loss and fear of change go hand in hand. In fact, they lead to spiritual growth and musical fulfillment.

Although a cocoon is of value and importance on its own, it is just one step in a process towards a new transformation for a butterfly.

Each stage in our new development entails both us losing and growing the things that we value the most in our creative life.

Look Beyond Loss

Use this sentence to find meaning today:

Today I will look beyond the things I have lost or are about to lose, and trust that the newness that is about to come is the right path for my creativity.

Dave Gray

Dave Gray has performed on, produced and engineered hundreds of projects. He is also an ethnomusicologist; his PhD specializes in the production techniques of multi-award winning Canadian music producer Daniel Lanois. Dave started producing and engineering after working with Rick Rubin in Los Angeles. Gray has also performed and recorded with artists from major labels: Columbia, Wind Up, Warner Bros. and Capital records. See his Website and Canadian Recordings Website.

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    True. Its what turned me into a writer more than a producer or performer.