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The Follies of Feedback

This week we’re exploring the frustrating issue of feedback and what we can do to solve it.

We’ve all been there; struggling to hear ourselves over an amplified band and a raucous crowd, desperately in need of more volume from the mic but scared to push the level any higher in fear of the dreaded feedback. In some cases this issue would of course fall to your sound engineer of technician, yet this assumption isn’t always as dependable as one would hope. A grumpy or unhelpful sound engineer can sometimes do more harm than good. That is, of course, supposing you have one at all! This week we’d like to hear how you tackle the issue feedback in your work as a singer.

So the question is: Far to often as singers we are plagued by Feedback issues at our gigs. As performers, what steps can we take to tackle this ourselves?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: Can too much rehearsal ever kill the passion in your performance?

Vaughn Kristone wrote…

“Not exactly cause the changes in the venue / location / environment makes it feel new for me (especially knowing that in the performance there is an audience to perform to makes a difference) during rehearsals it’s just me and my coach – so it still feels new when I get to actually perform”.

Mark Ryan commented…

“I’d say no, certainly, no. I am at my best, vocally, mentally, and physically, when I’m singing regularly. In my opinion, time off is a musician’s worst enemy, or any performer for that matter. I often view rehearsal, as being tantamount, if not PARAMOUNT, to the actual performance itself. Rehearsal, will dictate more than any other contributing factor, the strength of the performance. I’ve heard of major acts, strictly instituting as many as four rehearsals, for one show. I am diagnosed with serious case of perfectionism, so this makes complete sense, to me! Having said all this, it is important to pace yourself as a vocalist. You should save your biggest, heartiest notes, for the stage. You will generally elicit more passion, in front of a crowd, naturally anyways. I have experienced some truly cathartic moments, during rehearsals. Moments, where you wish there had been an audience. A singer, like an athlete, knows their body and knows their limitations. Part of the fun of what we do, is figuring this out, as we go along”.

Michelle Jenigan Herrington…

“The performance” … I give it my all whether on stage or in the backyard. Rehearsal is just that. Run through a couple times till everyone’s comfortable or you if solo. Good musicians are a must as well as a kindred connection to the music and its role in your life. Feelings, emotions, vision and heart and soul. When you share that with the people you share the stage with it’s easy and never gets old”.

Thank-you once again for all your great comments & insights…please keep commenting, posting and keeping this forum alive!