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The Joy of Auditions!

The “A” word doesn’t need to send you into hysterics –says Mister Tim

Believe it or not, I’m here to tell you how wonderful auditions are!

Auditions, you say? JOY???

As a singer, auditions are part of your life, whether you are trying out for a band, seeking a spot in a singing competition, shooting for a role in a musical, or trying to get the attention of a music executive.

Instead of something to be feared, I want you to think of Auditions as a doorway into some powerful opportunities.

Auditions Strengthen Performance

Think through the qualities you need to master for any performance:

-how to deal with nerves
-how to give a compelling performance in less-than-ideal circumstances or environments
-how to communicate with an audience
-how to work with an accompanist

Lucky you: every time you audition, you get to learn about these things!

An audition is like a mini performance.  In so many ways you face the same pressures and demands and circumstances you will face in a full performance, but condensed into a very short time:

* you have to deal with nerves. 

*You are usually in a less-than-ideal space.  

*You have a captive audience, one that might be difficult, but who is paying attention to you.  

*You get to work with an accompanist who does not know you, so you get to practice your non-verbal mid-performance communication.

Auditions as Education

You are not just vying for a gig; you are getting an education!

Auditioning is also a skill just like any other that needs to be practiced.  

Most gigs come through auditions, so you need to be good at auditions to get gigs.  

After auditions, evaluate.  Don’t beat yourself up, but acknowledge what you did well, and take note of the things you wish you had done better, and do them better the next time.

-Mister Tim

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My Reactions To This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Sammie Libman – Grenade cover

Singing well-known and well-written songs is a great way to practice vocal delivery and prepare for further work with original songs and original song interpretations. Be careful with the words, particularly toward the ends of phrases.  Some important words are losing energy, both musically (pitch) and in enunciation.  Particularly notes lower in your range: think “up” (into head voice, up to your eyebrows, keep the vowels raised, whatever imagery works for you to keep the energy and pitch up). The video, shot in a studio behind a studio mic, does not lend itself to a compelling visual performance. Your eyes in particular wander, giving an impression of disinterest and mechanical singing from rote instead of emotional investment in the song.

Dan Curcio – Won’t Back Down cover

You are comfortable in your own skin and with your tone.  I appreciate that you are controlled and stay in a mellow and warm “timbral” space. The only oddity I notice is when you sing ‘oh/uh/ah baby’: the high F becomes more strained in each repetition as the song goes along.  It appears you pull your head and neck down toward your chest when you sing that note, which might be a result of muscular strain.  Try instead releasing the tension in your neck and shoulder when you sing up to the F, relaxing and letting the note just come out.  You want to straighten the neck while not raising the chin and let the muscle work come from the diaphragm, not the neck/throat. You might do well to also aim for a more falsetto, less gravelly tone on those high notes.  Practice a lighter tone coupled with the release of tension and you should be able to find a sweet sound that works in your song and does not suffer as the song goes along.

-Mister Tim

Mister Tim is a modern voice artist who respects the history of the vocal arts while not being afraid to push into new, uncharted territory. He artistic directs an eclectic array of vocal ensembles that range from traditional choral to cutting-edge, technology-based, ultra-modern vocal rock bands. A published composer, award-winning recording artist, and in-demand performer and teacher, Mister Tim is also a viral video star, sponsored kazoo player, and dedicated husband and father. He created and sings with 2010 Harmony Sweepstakes champions Plumbers of Rome, internet sensations moosebutter, beatbox online teachers and performers Mouth Beats, and all-original vocal band THROAT. He also tours with his solo vocal live-looping/beatbox shows.
www.mistertimdotcom.com and www.vocalitysingers.com

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