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The Latest Gear for Vocalists – NAMM 2014: DAY 1

VoiceCouncil brings you the new product highlights from the 2014 NAMM trade show.

NAMM is one of the largest music product trade shows of the year and a prime opportunity for manufactures to show off their latest products.

Going though some of the thousands of new and exciting products on display we have brought to you our top selection of gear which will soon be hitting the shops. We hope to get the chance to review of some of these new and exciting products in the near future.

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The Ultimate Guide to Singing

Co-written by VoiceCouncil’s own Gregory Barker and Kathy Alexander; The Ultimate Guide to Singing covers every aspect of singing and a singing life is addressed by leading experts from across the industry – from essential aspects of vocal technique and health to choosing a mic, running a sound system, mastering vocal effects, growing a fan base and achieving unforgettable performances and recordings. It is available now in both physical and digital versions. MORE DETAILS: Amazon.co.ukAmazon.com

voicelive3TC- Helicon VoiceLive 3

2014 looks to be a great time for TC-Helicon with several new products being released. Pride of place is their new VoiceLive 3 vocal effects processor. The unit delivers an impressive upgrade that takes the VoiceLive concept to an entirely new level. The unit features next generation harmony processing combined with TC stompbox effects and powerful 3-phrase looping for creating songs on the fly. There are new harmony modes, which include Pedal, Fixed, and Mixed-Mode designed for expanding vocal and musical possibilities and an all new Vocoder with voice-controlled polyphonic synth that allow you play your voice like an instrument. MORE DETAILS: http://www.tc-helicon.com

sex1usbsE Electronics X1 USB

sE Electronics have announced a new edition to their low-cost sE X1 Series. The sE X1 USB draws strongly upon sE Electronics’ most successful microphone of all time, the sE X1 studio condenser, but adds the convenience of USB – allowing you to connect it directly into your laptop. The sE X1 USB has been designed for use in both the studio or on the road and offers true ‘plug in and play’ performance along with featuring a cardioid polar pattern, bass cut and 10dB pad switches. MORE DETAILS: http://www.seelectronics.com

slateSlate Digital Virtual Microphone System

Slate digital have announced an ambitious new product that aims to give you access to the sounds of hundreds of top quality vintage and modern microphones with just one single microphone. The system consist of an extremely neutral microphone that is designed to be used with its own preamp in order to capture the singer (or instrument) as accurately as possible. You can then use their specially developed software to change the sound character by selecting from a range of different microphone and preamp models in order to find the perfect match for your recording. MORE DETAILS: http://www.slatedigital.com

waves-adtWaves Abbey Road Reel ADT

Wave’s new Abbey Road Reel ADT plug-in aims to emulate the Abbey Road Studio’s pioneering process of artificial double tracking – the technique was famously used by The Beatles, and involved connecting the primary tape machine to a second, speed-controlled machine so that two versions of the same signal could be played back simultaneously. Reel ADT promises the effect quickly and easily, enabling you to advance or delay the doubled signal to achieve delay and pitch variations. You can also drive each of the signals separately to add tape saturation – there are wow and flutter controls, too. MORE DETAILS: http://www.waves.com

jzhh1JZ Microphones HH1

Latvian company JZ Microphones have been showing off their new live dynamic vocal microphone. This professional dynamic aims to provide users with extended frequency range to suite most vocal and instrumental mic’ing needs. The neodymium magnet equipped cardioid capsule is housed in a handcrafted all metal body with highly advanced shock-mounting technology. The HH1 is expected to be shipping from March 1, 2014. MORE DEATILS: http://www.jzmic.com/eng/

fenderminiFender Passport Mini

Fender’s popular portable PA range has a new addition. The Fender Passport Mini Guitar Combo Amp is portable amplifier with some fantastic features for both singers and guitarists. It can be used with any electric instrument or microphone and be powered by battery or AC adaptor. Its portability and on-board effects, makes it perfect for street performers or students looking for an amp that’s compact to use in rehearsals. You can also use it as a music media playback system or computer recording interface. MORE DETAILS: http://www.fender.com

rolandRoland VR-3EX

Roland have announced an all-in-one audio and video mixer with built-in USB port for web streaming and recording – perfect for making high-quality promotional videos of your band. The Roland VR-3EX is a 4-channel SD performance mixer which features HDMI inputs/outputs, USB streaming, HDCP support, built-in touch multi-viewer, an audio mixer all in a compact portable unit. Designed to be a live production switcher the built-in audio mixer with up to 4 frames delay to “lip sync” your video source. Scaling on the output allows you to output up to 1080p HD Video and Audio quality. MORE DETAILS: http://www.roland.co.uk


About The Author:
Chris Kennedy is the principle product reviewer for VoiceCouncil Magazine. He is also a singer-songwriter and composer, performing and writing in a range of styles from rock to jazz. Chris has released several albums as a solo artist and with his group The New Inventions.  You can find more about him on his website: http://www.chriskennedymusic.co.uk