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The Latest Gear for Vocalists – NAMM 2014: DAY 2

VoiceCouncil brings you the new product highlights from the 2014 NAMM trade show.

NAMM is one of the largest music product trade shows of the year and a prime opportunity for manufactures to show off their latest products.

Going though some of the thousands of new and exciting products on display we have brought to you our top selection of gear which will soon be hitting the shops. We hope to review of some of these new and exciting products in the near future.

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tlm107Neumann TLM 107

Neumann have announced a new studio microphone to their range. The TLM 107 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone that boasts five differing polar patterns for maximum flexibility. It features a newly developed sound transducer that features an almost linear reproduction up to 8 kHz with a slight boost in the highest frequencies that lends presence and freshness to the voice. Particular attention has been paid to the natural reproduction of speech sounds, especially the critical “s” sound; the grille comes acoustically optimized for low sensitivity to pop sounds. MORE DETAILS: http://www.neumann.com

fx150TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150

TC-Helicon have released an exciting new personal monitor/small PA system for singers. The VoiceSolo FX150 features Vocal Tone, an intelligent EQ that adapts automatically to your voice and adds compression, de-essing and noise-gating to make your performance tight and professional. There are 9 vocal reverb styles included, taken from their new VoiceLive 3 vocal processor; it has two channels for either voice or instrument (such as acoustic guitar) and an AUX in for connecting an MP3 player or keyboard. MORE DETAILS: http://www.tc-helicon.com

vocalistDigitech Live Harmony

DigiTech’s new Live Harmony vocal processor pedal has been introduced at NAMM 2014. This unit allows you to add two layers of harmony to your voice; these harmonies are based on what you play on the guitar. The processor also includes Lexicon Ambience and Reverb effects, a dbx compressor, pitch compression and a feedback suppressor. There is also a looper with 70 seconds of recording and unlimited overdubs, and an in-built tuner for guitarists. MORE DETAILS: http://www.digitech.com

behringerp1Behringer POWERPLAY P1

The Behringer POWERPLAY P1 is a personal in-ear monitor amplifier that puts control where it’s most useful – right at the artist’s fingertips. Whether on stage or in the studio, the P1 provides performers and recording artists with a dependable and affordable personal monitoring solution. It features dual XLR inputs to allow 2-channel, mono or stereo operation with a convenient mix function which allows you to run two sources into the P1 and dial-in exactly what you want to hear as you perform. MORE DETAILS: http://www.behringer.com

shgureShure SE112 and SE846

While on the subject of in-ear monitors, Shure have announced two new in-ear monitor headphones to their range. At the budget end, is the low cost (around $50) SE112 model, which blocks up to 37 dB of ambient noise and is designed for use onstage or with portable music devices. For those with larger budgets, Shure have also announced the high-end SE846 earphones. These feature quad high-definition micro-drivers with subwoofer to deliver extended high-end clarity and second-to-none low-end performance. MORE DETAILS: http://www.shure.co.uk

ultiboomUltimate Support Ulti-boom

Ultimate Support have been working on a way to improve the design of a standard microphone stand. The Ultimate Support Ulti-boom features unique locking mechanism that helps stop your microphone boom accidentally turning after you have secured it in position. It also has a heavy-duty, die-cast counterweights, ergonomic adjustment for quickly setting the stands position, and lightweight anodized aluminum tubing with internal glides that ensure noise-free adjustment. MORE DETAILS: http://www.ultimatesupport.com

revealTannoy Reveal

Tannoy have added three new studio monitors to the popular Reveal studio monitor range. The 402, 502 and 802 monitors are designed tell you exactly what’s going on in the mix and feature a deep low-end.  There is also an AUX Link feature in all three models, which allows you to plug your mobile device such as mp3 player or iPad into the monitors quicker than ever. MORE DETAILS: http://www.tannoystudio.com

usUniversal Audio Apollo Twin

For musicians working on a MacBook who want a high-quality recording interface, Universal Audio have brought out the Apollo Twin. Apollo Twin is the first desktop interface to combine superior audio resolution with Realtime UAD Processing – letting you record through vintage EQs, compressors, reverbs, and guitar amp plug-ins, with breathtaking professional results. It features two high-quality microphone preamplifiers and can record at sample rates up to 192kHz/24-bit. MORE DETAILS: http://www.uaudio.com


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