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The Latest Gear for Vocalists -NEWS RELEASE

VoiceCouncil brings you product highlights from the NAMM trade show.

NAMM is one of the largest music product trade shows of the year and a prime opportunity for manufactures to show off their latest gear. Going though some of the thousands of new and exciting products on display we have brought to you our top selection of the gear which will soon be hitting the shops in 2012


The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play
TC-Helicon have produced another great vocal processor pedal – the VoiceLive Play. It offers more than 200 song and artist presets designed to help you sound like your favourite singers and can also create backing harmonies. It includes their adaptive tone feature to deal with EQ, compression and de-essing, and also a wide range of vocal effects designed to help you get your perfect vocal sound. The VoiceLive Play also offers pitch correction, phrase looping and an MP3 input with voice-cancellation to help you quickly create backing tracks from your favourite songs to sing along to.
TC-Helicon have also announced the VoiceLive Play GTX which also offers additional guitar effects for singing guitarists.

More details: http://www.tc-helicon.com/products/voicelive-play/


Line 6 StageSource L3t
Line 6 introduced its flexible new StageSource L3t loudspeaker system. The system uses technology that enables a single enclosure to provide best-of-class performance in multiple live sound functions, such as being used as a full PA, a keyboard amp, or as a monitor speaker. The L3t is a compact, full-range three-way speaker system that delivers 1,400 watts of power through dual 10-inch woofers and a horn-loaded, one-inch, exit-compression driver that combine to deliver an impressive 132 dB maximum SPL. It also has a basic 2-channel mixer with reverb and EQ, and MP3 input, making it great for singers wanting a portable but powerful PA system for solo performances. Multiple units can be connected together for stereo operation and Line6 have also produced a matching sub if you require extra bass reinforcement.

More details: http://uk.line6.com/stagesource-l3t/


IK Multimedia iKlip
IK Multimedia have shown off the iKlip – a universal microphone stand adapter for the iPad. Now it’s easy for you to use your iPad in any live setting or in the studio to display lyrics or musical notation. It has a multi-angle adjustable design, so you can securely position your iPad to your mic stand for optimal viewing and accessibility, while all controls, buttons and connection ports remain free from obstruction.

More details: http://www.ikmultimedia.com/iklip/features/


Vox AGA30 Acoustic Guitar Amp

Voc have announced the AGA30 mini combo model to join the Vox AGA Series of acoustic instrument amps. As with its more expensive siblings, the AGA30 features a two-channel design: a tube-pre channel with a 12AU7 tube and a normal channel. The tube-pre channel also provides a mic input jack for singers that can also supply phantom power – a feature not often found on acoustic combo amps. Each channel provides level controls as well as reverb and chorus effects, making the unit great for singers performing solo with acoustic guitar looking for a portable amplifier.

More details: http://www.voxamps.com/aga/aga30/


TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
Two years after TC Electronic introduced polyphonic guitar tuning to the world, they’ve now revealed the world’s smallest polyphonic tuner: the PolyTune Mini. It offers the same precision tuning but fits it into a smaller chassis so that it takes up less space in your gig bag or on your pedal board. The PolyTune Mini is based on the exact same technology as the original PolyTune so, like its bigger brother, it shows the tuning state of all strings simultaneously by simply strumming the guitar – enabling guitarists to get back to playing in a matter of seconds.

More details: http://www.tcelectronic.com/polytune-mini.asp

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