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The Latest Mics For Vocalists

VoiceCouncil brings you a list of some of the newest microphones that were unveiled at the 2014 NAMM and Musikmesse trade shows.

  • Here is a brief introduction to 8 brand new live and recording mics for vocalists. Watch VoiceCouncil in the coming months for reviews of some of them.

    We’d love to see comments below from any of you who are using any of these mics.

  • 1. sE Electronics X1 USB

    The sE X1 USB combines the hugely popular sE X1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone with high-quality USB technology to provide a professional studio microphone for use anywhere!

  • 2. Neumann TLM 107

    With five directional characteristics and a novel operating concept, this standard-setting large-diaphragm microphone provides sound without any coloration. Featuring equally impressive level stability and low self-noise, it captures everything from the softest whisper to thundering drums. For studio, broadcasting and demanding home recording applications.

  • 3. Slate Virtual Microphone System

    Few recording engineers ever get to own all of the microphones or preamps they’d like to have, but with the Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System, getting your hands on the sounds you want has never been as easy or as affordable.

  • 4. sE Electronics Magneto

    The sE Electronics Magneto condenser microphone brings the rich heritage of high quality studio mics within reach for musicians on a budget. Magneto has been designed from the ground up to offer excellent performance specifications, producing outstanding results at its price point for recording vocals and acoustic instruments alike.

  • 5. JZ Microphones HH1

    The HH1 is a handheld mic which is mainly designed for live applications. JZ Microphones boast of an extended frequency range to suit most vocal and instrumental micing needs.

  • 6. Rode NT USB

    At Musikmesse, Rode announced an upcoming USB version of their hugely popular NT1 microphone that can be used with your computer without the need for an external interface or preamp. It is expected to be on sale later this year (2014).

  • 7. Sennheiser MK8

    The MK 8 offers a great solution for advanced home recording applications and project studios alike. It is the microphone for people who pour all of their passion into their audio projects. The MK 8 offers sophisticated options to sign off your sound with your own personal handwriting. The dual-diaphragm condenser microphone delivers warm and precise sound reproduction. Its five independent polar patters allow for a multitude of recording applications and sound design options.

  • 8. Violet Atomic

    The Atomic is a warm sounding condenser microphone making it a versatile studio microphone, a brilliant choice for vocal recording. This is a low-cost microphone that can compete against microphones in a much higher price bracket.

  • Evelyn Attard

    how much would one of these microphones cost please as i would love to buy one for my daughter thanks