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The Measure of Vocal Success

This week we’re thinking about how you evaluate and measure your own success as a singer and performer.

Some of us may set some sort of benchmark or set a goal for ourselves either technically or musically whereas some of us will judge ourselves on completely different aspirations.

So the question is: What’s your measure of success as a vocalist and performer?

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Last week I asked… If you could bring back one singer that’s no longer alive today, who would it be and why? There were quite a few varied opinions here but it was interesting to note that none of the usual suspects were named (besides Elvis but he was put off in favour of Eva Cassidy). Thanks to those who participated for your responses :).

London based vocalist, Joey Elkins, is gaining attention as a jazz, funk, soul and contemporary singer. Australian born and bred, her first jazz recording attracted the interest of some of Australia’s finest jazz musicians leading her to regular performances in some of Australia’s top jazz venues. Being a natural improviser and composer enables Joey to own a variety of styles. Check out Joey’s Music http://www.youtube.com/user/JoeyElkinsMusic