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The Mobile Recording Studio

The Mobile Recording Studio
You can now grab your mic, headphones, and iPad and record virtually anywhere –says Jaime Vendera

News Flash…Mobile recording is the wave of the future.

I truly believe a musician can now create a mobile recording studio that takes up a fraction of the space at a fraction of the price of a home studio.

Personally, it is so much easier for me to record vocals into my iPad compared to setting up a DAW on my laptop using my Alesis io2 for headphone monitoring and running my microphone into my PC – not to mention plugging in an external hard-drive to minimize latency. In fact, I’ve experienced less latency using my iPad.

Though this article is not a “how-to” set up your mobile recording rig, I still believe that a breakdown of my mobile recording studio will help guide you in the creation of yours.

My rig consists of:


  • CS1 microphone and VTB1 Preamp: Studio Projects
  • iKlip (for holding my iPad), iRig Pro (mic to iPad interface) and iRig Keys Pro: IK Multimedia
  • Vocal Booth Pro (vocal booth on a mic stand): Editor’s Keys
  • iPad
  • Windscreen
  • Headphones
  • Cables
  • Vocal cords, ha-ha


…and my list will continue to grow.

Why Do It?

Besides saving money and space, why would you want a mobile recording studio?

Well, you can now grab your mic, headphones, and iPad and record virtually anywhere.

Is your kid brother driving you nuts as you try your 33rd vocal take in the bedroom? Take your studio down into the basement, lock the door behind you, and wail to you got those tracks down solid!

mobile recording is such a great way to minimize space, save money, create a portable setup

All jokes aside, mobile recording is such a great way to minimize space, save money, create a portable setup, as well as prepare you for big studio work (in case that’s your path) and allow you to experiment with a variety of apps to develop your ability to tweak effects, record, mix, and master your songs.

And once you’ve recorded your parts, you can mix and edit on the couch, on a plane, train, or automobile!

I’m hooked on mobile recording and I’ll never go back.

There you have it, mobile recording and “buyer’s guide in a nutshell. Time to build YOUR mobile studio. Comment and let us know what’s in your mobile rig!

My Reaction to This Week's Singing Competition Entry

Gary Clute Gary Clute - You Turned My Life Around

Hi Gary, Dug the overall presentation, your laid back vocal tone, your playing guitar while singing, all with a great smile on your face, which seems to be a rare quality these days on singer’s faces…I could tell you live in the enjoyment of singing. So few do, even ones who live and breathe singing sometimes forget that it is all about the passion and the pure enjoyment of it, too worried about what others think of their voice. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. But if I may, I do suggest tackling a few songs a little higher in range. I have a feeling your rich tone would sound good even a few steps higher. Give it a try;)  With that said, keep strumming and singing; it was very comforting and relaxing to listen to your voice:)

Jaime Vendera Bio

Jaime Vendera is a Vocal Coach, world-renowned for his wineglass-shattering voice as seen on shows like MythBusters, Dr. Oz, and Super Human Showdown. He is a contributor to The Ultimate Guide to Singing and author of ‘Raise Your Voice’ 1 & 2, ‘The Ultimate Breathing Workout’ and the ‘Sing Out Loud’ series. He also runs the Vendera Vocal Academy. His new App, Tuned XD, is the ultimate multi-tool for musicians.

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