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Today’s Insight……is contributed by Eric Maisel, the author of 30 books, including Performance Anxiety, The Van Gogh Blues, Creativity for Life, and Coaching the Artist Within. Eric is a licensed family therapist, creativity coach, and trainer of creativity coaches who lectures nationally and internationally. For more information about Dr. Maisel, visit Eric Maisel’s Site

The VoiceCouncil Tech Advice Team Includes:

Laura Clapp is a singer/songwriter who has worked in Nashville and has recently been backing vocalist for the legendary Howard Jones. A recent move to Cleveland has opened up more doors than ever, proving that singers can make a great living without being in a major music center! Laura travels across the globe singing and leading demo sessions as a product specialist for TC Electronic. See Laura’s site.

Tom Lang’s career has spanned everything from playing postage-stamp sized stages to international headlining tours for up to 40,000 rabid fans. By day he’s a product manager at TC-Helicon, where his singing experience and extensive use of audio products provides invaluable feedback on performance in diverse environments. Tom regularly sings and plays guitar, keyboards and fiddle in several bands. For examples of Tom’s music and more info click here.

Brian Stevenson Brian Stevenson is a singer/songwriter for the electronic pop group Sonic Erotica, beta tester for TC Helicon, and active participant on the voice council. Brian is a world traveled musician and the primary audio/video engineer, within the Innovations Division, for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Having a deep affection for nature, Brian often visits remote locations to perform field
recordings. Through the use of technology he is afforded the ability to replace standard instrumentation with natural sounds, bridging the gap between organic accompaniment and digital mediums. For more information about Brian see Sonic Erotica
Brian can be reached at vociferation@live.com

Wes Maebe Born in Belgium, Wes moved to London in 2003. He has his own mastering room in West London, and has worked as FOH, studio/location recording, mix or mastering engineer for numerous clients including: Sting, Chaka Khan, Glen Matlock, Yusuf Islam, The Kooks, New Model Army, Elliott Randall, Hayley Westenra, Ann Peebles, Fairport Convention, Stiff Little Fingers, Specimen, Mo Foster, Exit 10 and The Zimmers! See Wes’ site.

Michael Majeran is a member of the renowned vocal a cappella group, Me Myself and I. He also has rich experience as a singer, producer and composer. An alumnus of RCM London and WAM Wroclaw (Poland), he’s sung solo operatic parts as well as experimental and jazz a cappella music. He composes and produces music for television and film. Michael is also a noted vocal teacher and coach having worked in the Royal College of Music Teaching Service in London and with various music schools and choirs. Michael’s singing and jazz guitar work sees him constantly on the move all over Europe. For more about Michael see www.memyselfandi.pl Michael can be reached at michal.majeran@memyselfandi.pl

  • I am great fan of Laura Clapp. I watched lot of video over the interenet.
    She's got the talent.

  • Name

    Advise – verb; Advice – noun. It really should be 'Tech Advice', 'Tech Advise' doesn't make sense.

  • Anonymous

    Brian Stevenson is my favorite singer.. I have collected all songs which had written and sung by Brian Stevenson. His voices is really adorable.
    ds r4