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The Music Buying Mode You Love?

This week we’re discussing the pros and cons of digital vs physical music.

In this ‘age of technology‘ music is more readily available than ever before. With the advent of online stores such as iTunes and Amazon, and streaming sites like Spotify we are never more than two clicks away from the music we want. However, as easy as this all seems, does this new culture of instant gratification rob the process of buying music the ceremony it once had?

So the question is: When purchasing music which do you prefer and why; the instant gratification of digital downloads or searching out a physical copy at your local record store?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked:  As a singer, do you think is it important to have a comprehensive knowledge of scales and arpeggios as instrumentalists do?

Jeff Alani Stanfill… commented…

“When I was in college, singers got a bad wrap for being non-musicians. I think this was because many of us hasn’t mastered another instrument other than our voice. When I began serious piano lessons, that’s when I really saw the value of knowing all the types of scales and arpeggios. Now, as a vocal coach, I really stress that my students learn the value of musicianship, theory, rhythm and sight reading! Not just singing”!

Vaughn Kristone…

“Of course! As the voice in itself is a musical instrument as well, thus we have to use it as one, for musical purpose as well as for vocal health (as using the voice like a musical instrument inadvertly means we’ll use our voice properly)”.

Jodie Siobhan Moore responded…

“Yes, it helps massively with more previews pitching and as someone already said, gives you more styles/types of scales to create with”.

Great response this week guys! Don’t forget to look out for next weeks question.

All the best, C x