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The Non-Stop Voice

This week we’re thinking about vocal stress and fatigue and how you cope with it.

Whether it’s a week of non-stop gigs, long rehearsals or lengthy tours, there are many times when singing excessively can put a real strain on your voice.

So the question is: How do you look after your voice to ensure your voice doesn’t get tired or worn out?

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Last week I asked… “What’s your measure of success as a vocalist / performer?”

We had some great responses to this one.

This comment from Jaqui Wicks specifically hit home for me: “When the audience want to talk to you about the material, about your repertoire choices, that’s a successful show. For me it means that they have really listened. I love it when someone asks me about a character or a narrative or a situation in a song. It’s lovely to be complimented for your vocal abilities but better when audiences have really listened :-)”

Thanks to all who participated – and please don’t forget to get involved this week too.