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The Pursuit of a Signature Sound?

This week we’re examining that crucial dilemma between individuality and vocal versatility. 

We might dedicate a lot of time in the pursuit of our ‘signature sound’, something that is unique to us, an edge or a vocal flavor that makes us stand out from the crowd. However, is this a false economy? In the modern music industry it is becoming more and more necessary for singers to adapt to meet the newest trends and demands of producers and record labels. Maybe it’s better to invest our time in the pursuit of versatility rather than individuality. This week we’d like to hear you thoughts on this.

So the question is: As singers, is it best to strive for individuality or versatility in our sound?

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Great Comments from last week:

Name one thing you would like to achieve as a vocalist in 2013?Chantelle Macandrew wrote:

“Much stronger voice”! 

Barry Weterhout posted:

“Confidence in using whatever I have to its fullest”!

Barbara Ann Little reponded:

“Master Voice Live Touch”

Graeme Nugent reponded:

“My voice on radio”

Happy new year from Voice council. Here’s to another year of lively discussion.

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